I often get questions from my followers about how to save money on healthier foods. It seems nowadays, coupons are for junk food and candies. For 2017, I decided to amp up on sharing more recipes that are healthy yet share where to find the best deals on fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorite soups to make is loaded baked potato soup but I decided to use alternatives. Instead of using chicken stock, I used vegetable stock. The vegetable stock actually carries more flavor! I also changed the thickener. I replaced cornstarch/flour with pureed potatoes!

Here are the following ingredients that I used and bought:

Potatoes: HEB has 5 lb bag for $1.58, 10 lbs for $2.98. (Current sale)

Organic Baby Carrots: Aldi's has $.89 one lb bag (current sale)

Celery and Onions at HEB less than $.60 each  (previous sale)

 HEB Vegetable Stock approximately $1 (previous sale)  

 Turkey Bacon: Walgreens for $.84. (previous sale. Currently: it's $.94 at Aldi's!)

This is my own recipe so you can alter it as needed.

You will need one cooking pan and one big pot, one to boil potatoes & carrots and a big pan to mix everything in.

*Cut up about 1-2 pounds of potatoes quarter/half dollar sizes (I used half bag of 3 lb bag).

*Slice baby carrots in half or quarters.

*Boil both in a pan hot water til they are soft.

*While boiling the potatoes and carrots, dice your onions (about 3/4 cup) and celery (3/4 cup) and sautee with 4-5 tablespoon of butter in a big pot. Cook til they are translucent and lightly browned.

*Drain the water from the boiled soft potatoes and carrots. Take 2 cups of the cooked potatoes only and puree them in a blender or mash them yourself with 5-8 tablespoon of milk.

 *Add the drained vegetables to the big pot of cooked onions and celery. Add whole box of vegetable stock and the pureed potatoes to the big pot and mix.

Add about 1 cup of sour cream and 1 pack (16 oz) of shredded cheddar cheese into the big pot and mix in with existing ingredients. You can start off with a small amount of sour cream and cheese and adjust accordingly.

If you want to add meat, I used turkey bacon. I cooked the bacon, cut in small pieces and mixed in the soup.

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