14 Forward is asking businesses to take a survey on internet speeds to try and solve some of the slow internet in the city. 

The 14 Forward Foundation and surrounding communities are asking businesses across Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas counties to provide data on their internet services via a survey.

The survey will identify gaps in service and indicate where internet speeds need to be increased. The data will be used to improve the connectivity between important regional assets, according to a news release from the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce.

“It is critically important that our hospitals, education institutions, government and employment centers be able to communicate with one another. Those communities that do not, will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the jobs, investment and technology of the future,” John Crutchfield, the president of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, said.

The survey results will be combined to form a visual representation of the regional broadband network. The more data provided, the more accurate the representation. Increased community participation will provide the data to identify how and where communities use their American Rescue Plan funding to increase internet services, according to the release.

“Focusing on regional businesses, during this initial phase of planning, should lay the groundwork to provide more reliable and affordable high-speed internet services to the home,” Bell County Judge David Blackburn said.

Businesses and households in these counties are asked to fill out the short survey on a computer or laptop at Contact Brian O’Connor at or 254-526-9551 for more information.

According to the Killeen chamber’s website: “14 Forward is a 2018-2022 Economic Development Initiative of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce funded by private investors who believe in the economic potential of the Greater Killeen area.”

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