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File photo Fort Hood’s Bernie Beck Gate, photographed Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, is located on T.J. Mills Boulevard in Killeen.

A $15 minimum wage for federal contractors has been approved by President Joe Biden, however, the impact locally may not be very significant, a local economy expert says.

As of April 6, there were a total of 4,402 contract workers on Fort Hood, officials said.

Fort Hood officials said the installation does not have visibility on how many of the contractors would receive a raise due to Biden’s executive order signed this week.

“I suspect that those employed by most federal contractors in the area are making more than $15,” said John Crutchfield, president of the Killeen Economic Development Corporation. ”So, the impact should be relatively small. That impact would be limited to entry level clerical positions. All in all, I suspect very little impact on the local economy,”

It is unclear if those already making $15 an hour or more would also receive a pay raise.

Fort Hood officials said it would be inappropriate to comment on the president’s order.

Biden signed the executive order Tuesday. Nationally, the pay bump would affect around 390,000 contractors nationally.

Implementation of the raise would be gradual, according to an Associated Press report.

By Jan. 30, 2022, all federal contract employers would need to include the $15 per hour wage in all new contract offerings. By March 30, 2022, the new wage needs to be implemented in new contracts.

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