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 The proposed Platinum Coach Storage facility at 3888 Chaparral Road may be coming to Killeen in the near future. The facility offers boat and RV storage in a secure. monitored environment.

Photos courtesy of the city of Killeen.

The Killeen City Council approved an adjustment to the city’s Future Land Use Map to allow the creation of a new vehicle storage facility in south Killeen during its Tuesday meeting.

Owner of the 20-acre plot of land that will become an RV and boat storage facility, Michael Jung, said Tuesday that he will also allow the storage of 18-wheelers.

During the public hearing portion of Tuesday’s meeting, Jung said that the facility will be the only large-scale vehicle storage facility within city limits; other large dedicated vehicle storage spaces in the area are CENTEX RV & Boat Storage on Paddy Hamilton Road in Nolanville and Stillhouse Self Storage in Belton.

Jung pitched his project to the City Council by saying that the improved property would increase sales tax revenue from the plot by over 1,000%. Additionally, the property owner said that he was advised by members of the local homebuilding and commercial community that construction of an unoccupied property would be best for the property, which includes a large stretch of wetlands.

Two residents spoke on the project during the public hearing portion of the meeting, including Michael Fornino and Mellisa Brown, a former councilwoman.

Fornino said that the project appeared to address a need in the Killeen community regarding self-storage facilities, but also cautioned the City Council against continuing to reach south.

Brown pointed out that a concurrent zoning request had not been submitted, and asked the City Council to consider not approve the FLUM request without a concurrently submitted zoning request.

Speaking in response to Fornino’s comments, Mayor Pro Tem Ken Wilkerson said that he heard the resident’s concerns regarding Killeen’s expansion, which he called a “delicate issue.” However, Wilkerson said that he is a staunch supporter of residents using their property as they intend, so long as it doesn’t create a health risk.

In addition, Edwin Revell, Killeen’s executive director of public works, clarified in response to a question from Councilman Michael Boyd that rezoning requests do not have to be submitted concurrent to Future Land Use Map amendment requests, and added that Jung intends to submit such a request at a future date.

The City Council approved the request in a 7-0 vote.

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Let’s change the rules again.. who cares anymore..

Let’s get that oil and diesel in our ground water!!

So nightly semi parking?? Sleeping in their trucks..

No restrooms? Can I tax get a cut off the hookers

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