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Killeen ISD’s top investigator, a former DEA agent, has investigated educators, administrators, students and more

After a nine-month-long dispute over public records, the Killeen Independent School District released its first batch of documents — heavily redacted school safety reports.

Killeen ISD released 74 pages of blacked-out campus safety audit reports late Wednesday in response to the Killeen Daily Herald’s September records request for investigative reports.

Blacked out

The Killeen Independent School District issued its first batch of documents responsive to the Killeen Daily Herald's September request. KISD's responsive documents, campus security audits, are heavily redacted.

The Killeen Independent School District issued 74 pages of school campus safety audits to the Herald Wednesday responsive to a September records request. | 254-501-7567


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I noticed "school based threat assessment teams" listed twice, a keen reporter would ask for attendance or meeting notes; might be surprised not to find any. Policy versus reality; on any given day you will find 3 out of 10 classrooms not locked as documented in the heavily redacted reports. If a stranger approaches an external door and knocks, a student will let them in within seconds, no questions asked. Students habitually put rocks in the doors to keep them from locking so they can move to an fro without passes. External doors are NOT locked at all times during the day, that is simply un-true and are programed by the district to open at specific times which every student (and adversary) knows. Buzzwords and expenditures do not automatically equate to system improvements; KISD talks the talk but hides the fact they stumble like drunks trying to walk the walk.


Like Wayne Jefferson, I also don't understand the heavy redacting. The school board is responsible to US. Heavy redacting begs the question of if they are trying to hide things from US. This is unacceptable ...

Wayne Jefferson

So why black out items. Why is the school system trying to hide. I'm sure kisd has their fair share of security issues. I think they should explain thems because as everyone wanted gun control to fix the problems in the school..what a crock..

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