GL and Danielle Grace

Name: GL and Danielle Grace

Age: N/A

Title: Owners

Business name and address: Superior Deluxe Drycleaning and Laundry, 2006 N. W.S. Young Drive #40, Killeen, TX 76543, 254-554-7554

Question: When did you get into business ownership? When did you bring your business to the local area?

Answer: The Deluxe Cleaners has been in the Killeen area for over 20 years. We took over the business in December 2019, after the retirement of the previous owner. We have maintained the existing staff of Deluxe Cleaners. We added Superior to the name Deluxe.

Question: Why did you start the business? What service do you provide to the local residents?

Answer: Provide assistance to the industrial, commercial and residents of the Central Texas area. Our objective is to enhance the business by offering new and additional services.We are veterans and it gives us the opportunity to interact with new soldiers while providing encouragement and interacting with the community.

Question: How has the coronavirus affected your business?

Answer: The 2020 pandemic had an adverse effect on the dry cleaning business. Our teachers, business professionals and military were all working from home. The flow of customers declined. Our goal was to keep a steady flow of garments coming in to keep staff working and to pay the operating expenses. We used this time to provide services such as cleaning large floor rugs for customers.

Since many were quarantined, we would pick up and deliver comforters, rugs, and draperies. Our senior customers who were concerned about coming out caused us to begin a wash and fold service. We picked up and delivered their laundry to them.

Question: What else do you want readers to know about your business?

Answer: We want our customers to know we provide next-day service. We remain up to date on the changes to the Army’s uniform and will continue to provide set up and alterations to the new Army Service Uniform.

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