Brian Hooks

A Killeen comedy club hosts a nationally known entertainer for two shows throughout Valentines Day weekend, and looks forward to additional big names to come.

Actor and comedian Brian Hooks’ more prominent roles include an appearance in Kevin Hart’s movie “Soul Plane,” a lead role in the movie “3 Strikes” and in the UPN sitcom, “Eve.”

Hooks’ comedy routine will draw on the humor he finds reflecting on his personal experiences, he said, amplified by “comedy steroids.”

“My show is about me,” Hooks said. “My beliefs; the real things that I’ve been through that might not have been funny at the time, but in hindsight after you’ve gotten through it you have to laugh.”

Hooks said he is looking forward to seeing Killeen and other middle and small-sized towns across America during his reintroduction tour this year.

“I have never been to Killeen. I am looking forward to see what the town is like,” Hooks said. “I want to see the world — see the country. I want to laugh with everyone.”

This weekend, Hooks will perform twice at the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge, at 8 p.m. Friday and 9 p.m. Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased at the lounge website at discounted rate of $17.50 for general admission, or they can be purchased at the door.

Well-known comedian Faizon Love gracing the stage of Twice Funny Comedy Lounge for four shows the first weekend in March.

Love is well known in the entertainment industry, notably for his appearances in Elf, Couples Retreat, and The Meteor Man, among many others.

“He’s big time, we’re going crazy about that one,” said Darryl Walker of Twice Funny Comedy Lounge, 4505 E Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Comedic relief not only entertains and breaks up the monotony of every day life, it can serve as a therapy for life’s pains and trials, according to Sharon Hines, who runs Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge with Walker, her business partner.

As a hairdresser who opened Prestige Beauty Salon in Killeen more than 25 years ago, Hines said she noticed a need for comedic relief for soldiers, housewives, and other members of the community.

“I felt like something was lacking,” Hines said. “Laughter really heals the soul — it did for me. I wanted to share something like that with the community on a consistent basis.”

Walker and Hines were individually involved in the comedy scene, with shows at the civic center and the Bell County Expo, but ultimately decided to open a comedy club together to facilitate regular comedy shows in Killeen.

“As a young soldier back in the 80s, I had to drive all the way to Dallas to get entertainment,” Walker recalled.

He said he felt divine inspiration to open a comedy lounge in the city of Killeen.

Three years ago, Walker and Hines started their comedy club, but they relocated in 2019 to a larger venue, Walker said.

“The mayor did our ribbon cutting for our new building last January —he said this is something we need in our city,” Walker said. “It’s no drama, people can come and sit down for an hour and a half, a good meal and a good drink, laugh their butt off then go home. Just great entertainment and great fun.”

Older crowds and young people alike come out for the comedy shows, Walker said.

“Older people who walk with canes or are in wheelchairs will come out for the shows,” Walker said. “It’s a relief for them to come out and laugh and relax.”


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