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The Killeen Independent School District hosted its annual fall career fair recently at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center, providing opportunities for those interested in seeking a career as a teacher or in an auxiliary position such as bus driver, classroom assistant or cafeteria worker. The school district hosts another career fair in the spring aimed more at attracting new teachers.

Killeen ISD welcomed a steady flow of job seekers recently during its annual fall career fair at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

Overseeing the movement of people from the center of the ballroom space, Chief Human Resources Officer Frank Crayton said the event would add to the district’s pool of employee candidates in a wide range of positions.

The district’s annual spring career fair, held at rotating high schools, focuses on getting a jump on hiring teachers for the coming school year. The fall event is more geared toward auxiliary employees like bus drivers, cafeteria workers and classroom assistants.

But, Crayton said, it’s always hiring season for qualified teachers.

That is exactly what Esther Vicory hopes to be soon. She attended the career fair to find out about alternative certification to become a teacher and also looked into the prospects of substitute teaching.

She works for Child Protective Services. “I know I like kids,” she said. “I want to work with children, probably in elementary school.”

Killeen ISD human resources, special education, the substitute center, transportation, school nutrition and numerous alternative teacher certification representatives provided information to job seekers.

Mya Davis, a local resident in her third year of college said she would like to work as a teacher assistant while training for a career in psychology.

“I’m hoping for an education aide job,” she said. “I like helping kids. I tutored in college. I feel like I can explain concepts well.”

“The fall job fair is mainly for auxiliary positions, but we’re continuing to hire teachers,” Crayton said. “We have various departments here and alternative certification organizations here, too. It’s all about getting the best professionals into the classroom.”

Ja’Kea Ellis is working a temporary job in Temple, but lives in the Killeen school district where her child attends school.

“I’m looking for steady work with better pay,” she said. “I have a child in school here and I like the idea of working in the school district.”

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