New year’s resolutions often include approaches to healthier living – but most of them don’t stick very long. To incorporate new ways of living healthy, happy and balanced, the Killeen counsel and wellness center Butterflies Prosperity Wellness Co. invites the public to a Day of Positive Living on Feb. 1.

The free workshop takes place at 3300 E. Central Texas Expy, Suite 301, in Killeen and is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“People will learn how to live mindfully by being in the present moment, getting out of autopilot,” said Crystal Morris, licensed professional counselor, therapist and owner of Butterflies Prospering Wellness Co. “They will learn how to destress by using simple quick daily mindfulness practices.”

Aspects of the workshop include practices in mindful eating, mindful movement, meditation and positive journaling. If done correctly, the benefits of mindful living are plentiful.

“It helps to manage stress and research shows individuals who use mindfulness meditation are happier overall,” Morris said. “Mindfulness can help you live your best life.”

While other therapy approaches are geared toward people with certain medical conditions, everyone can benefit from mindfulness.

“Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life and improve your overall well-being in a positive way,” Morris said. “The benefits are reducing stress, improving sleep, enhance focus and concentration, self-awareness, emotion management and much more.”

Participants learn basic meditation techniques and receive a writing journal, light snacks, lunch and door prizes.

In her group practice, Morris offers holistic counseling approaches. Contrary to traditional counseling methods that only focus on psychological issues, holistic counseling includes the physical and spiritual context to enable healing as a whole.

Morris, a Killeen resident, has lived in the area for 23 years and specializes in PTSD trauma, anxiety and depression as well as couple and relationship counseling.

To register for the free event, call 254-213-9348 or write an email to

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