Lemonade Day

Lena Jones, left, Tremaine Reese, Honeste Reese, Shakema Reese and Olivia Reese pose for a photo at their lemonade stand in Killeen Sunday.

Local youth entrepreneurs manned lemonade stands Sunday across Killeen, Harker Heights and surrounding areas for day two of the 11th annual Lemonade Day.

One of the stands was run by Zebidijah Skeen and his parents, Solomon and Belinda, in Harker Heights off Scarlet Lane.

They started around 10 a.m. Sunday and had served between 10 and 15 residents by noon.

“I’m going to get enough money to help the animal shelter, but I don’t know which one,” Zebidijah said.

He said the stand was going really well and that this was his second year participating in Lemonade Day after having a stand in 2019.

“It teaches him responsibility,” Solomon Skeen said of his son’s participation.

Belinda Skeen agreed.

“We are teaching him customer service and we say make eye contact, speak loud, say thank you and we have encountered a lot of people coming by,” she said. “It does give him that experience of being a people person.”

In Killeen, several siblings were running a stand along Rancier Avenue.

Honeste Reese, Tremaine Reese, Olivia Reese, Lena Jones and Shakema Reese were working together to serve customers for the fourth consecutive Lemonade Day.

Shakema Reese said they participated “so we can learn how to run a business.”

The siblings said they learned how it takes teamwork to run a business, and Tremaine Reese said he has learned to communicate with customers.

Some of the money they earned this weekend will be donated to a church, they said, but they plan to spend part of it on something fun before saving the rest.

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