Getting official documents witnessed by a notary can be a hassle, but a new mobile notary service in the Killeen area meets you were you are.

Earica Owens said her new business Notary Mobile LLC brings convenience and quality to the forefront of conducting formal business, without compromising professionalism.

“I am so excited about making my business mobile, since the pandemic,” Owens said. “A lot of people weren’t able to get out — and some people still don’t feel comfortable going out.”

The limited number of visitors allowed at hospitals can be an added complication for getting wills or end of life wishes notarized, Owens said.

“I had a bed-bound person and I went to her house and did her refinance paperwork — otherwise, how would she have gotten it done?” Owens said.

Even aside from the pandemic, people frequently have difficulty tracking down a notary for loans, car deeds, divorce decrees or refinancing their home, she said. Recently, she was able to help a grandmother officially transfer a car title to her grandson.

“Some banks haven’t been as lax about allowing a bunch of people in the lobby,” Owens said. “And the banks don’t always notarize your document if the documents don’t have anything to do with the bank facility.”

Owens can notarize any document from a will or a power of attorney, to the transfer of a car title, or a divorce decree. She has worked with H&R Block seasonally since the 90s, but she didn’t realize how many important documents people needed signed even outside tax season.

To check rates or set an appointment, Notary Mobile LLC can be reached at 254-800-8581 or by email at

While she travels all across Central Texas providing services from Williamson County, to Travis County, Coryell County to Bell County, within the Killeen city limits, it is usually about $35 to have a document signed, she said. She also works directly with title companies, and sometimes they’ll be the ones covering the cost of her services, she said.

“H&R Block has helped me understand the importance of crucial documents,” Owens said. “As far as my business goes, I want to be able to build relationships one signature at a time.”

In addition to providing professional services, Owens likes to be sure her clients feel comfortable with any documents they are signing. While she cannot advise them on the specifics of the documents, if they seem unsure or concerned at all, she will be sure they have time to read through all the documents, and connect them with their attorney, realtor or title company to explain anything that may be confusing, she said.

The flexibility of her services allow for her to work around care for her son who is autistic, she said. She offers discounted services at High Chaparral Youth Center, since her son goes there, she said.

“A lot of people work from 9 to 5,” Owens said. “Who wants to take off work to go to the bank to get something notarized — and the bank may not even do it?”

Owens does not limit herself to the typical business day, but is willing to work with her clients’ schedules — even on weekends.

“I work on Saturdays and Sundays — there’s not necessarily a time frame that I don’t work,” Owens said. “Call me, after you finish cooking dinner. You don’t have to worry about leaving your house at all.”

Although she has been a notary public for a year, she just started focusing on being mobile with her services.

“My service is for convenience,” Owens said. “It is like ordering a pizza. Yeah, you can pick it up, but wouldn’t it be nice to just keep your pajamas on and wait for them to bring it to your house?”

For more information on the business, go to

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