A music record label has opened in Killeen, and it is searching for talented gospel singers.

All Real Gospel Records launched in January under the parent company Association Records, based in Killeen.

From professional music videos and recordings to modeling shoots, Association Records is prepared music from any genre to the next level, according to Maricello Brown, CEO of Association Records.

Association Records began in Austin in February of 2006 under the internationally known parent company, Sony, Brown said.

With a personal history serving in the U.S. Navy, Brown picked Killeen to open the newest branch of Association Records because of its proximity to Fort Hood.

“There’s a lot of untapped talent so it made sense to move AR headquarter here in Killeen,” Brown said. “It’s really ‘take over season’ from now ‘til the end of time. Now being such a strong production company coming out of Texas, the world is ready for a tour with some of these artist and more.”

The label opened its doors in Killeen in July of 2017, he said.

Association Records label has discovered both gospel and secular artists in the Killeen area, Brown said. Five of the 12 artists Association Records signed in the past three years are Killeen residents, he said, and there are currently 37 artists covered and managed under the label.

Association Records has worked with gospel artists over the past 10 years including big names such as gospel rap artist Kirk Von Won and Killeen native Tay T-man Menafield — now known in 248 countries across the world. With the new All Real Gospel branch of the label, Brown said he intends to continue to explore gospel talent.

Anyone can submit a sample of their music or video links by email at theassociationrecords.ar.llc@gmail.com.

“They must come with a budget and be able to travel internationally, but we do also work with artist that only tour stateside,” Brown said. “It takes more than money to make it in the industry and stay consistent, and here at the Association Records LLC, we teach and manage artists of all genres of music and all budgets.”

Looking ahead, Brown said the label is looking forward to hosting a gospel event at Anderson Chapel, 1002 Jeffries Avenue 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 29. Tickets will be sold at the door for $30 and inquiries can be sent to theassociationrecrods.ar.llc@gmail.com.

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