Some residents have said they have seen bottled water going for high prices in Killeen.

A local resident said he has seen price gouging on cases of bottled water at two stores in Killeen.

Clint Watts, who lives between Killeen and Florence, was shopping in Killeen Tuesday when he said he noticed cases of bottled water selling for $35 and $40.

“I think it’s outrageous that people are taking advantage of us when we are in a desperate situation — I think the attorney general should hold them accountable,” Watts said.

He said he saw a soldier pay $35 for a case of water at one conveniences store in Killeen Tuesday.

“I can’t believe they’re taking advantage of our soldiers like that,” Watts said.

The Herald could not verify the price gouging. Neither store Watts mentioned had cases of water listed for sale when a Herald reporter visited them later on Tuesday.

Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said KPD has not received any reports of price gouging.

Cases of water bottles usually sell for less than $10.

Such price spikes are illegal under Texas law, which prohibits selling fuel, food, medicine, lodging, building materials or other necessities “at an exorbitant or excessive price” during a state or federal disaster declaration, according to a story from the Associated Press on Thursday.

Any local residents that notice price gouging can send photos showing the product and the price via email to news@kdhnews.com. Please also include date, time and location of the purchase.

254-501-7464 | hking@kdhnews.com

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These comments smell of BS.


Even as a plus Member at Sam's to have 4 cases of water shipped that cost roughly $15, they are charging a shipping fee of $68. When shipping is free as a plus member. I'm truly reconsidering my membership.[scared][scared][scared][scared][yawn][yawn][yawn][yawn]


The Grocery Store H E B in Killeen was selling a case of water for 2 dollars per bottle in a case only of 24 so they were doing this to people in need, Shame. Our water was turned off and power and they do us like that.


Perhaps law enforcement should be looking into those selling wood during the storm. I saw ads for people selling firewood at $100 for 1/8 cord, under normal conditions you can find wood spruce at $125-$150 a cord.


Don't buy that.


Yes , the Mexican meat market on rancier is, don't know about other stores , I just know thats where I usually shop and yes the prices are crazy right now

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