A brand new special events and performing arts venue will be opening in Killeen next week that will offer a place for residents to host special events, performing arts events or private events.

The new 3,600-square-foot venue, Endeavors, in the 440 Plaza, will be an open venue for the entire Killeen community.

Monique Stone, the owner, and her daughter, Ursula Cimone, have had this dream for many years.

“My daughter and I both are very artistic. We have been in the performing arts most of our lives. We’ve been there and done that. We have always talked about doing something like this as a family,” Stone said. “When my daughter was in college at UT, that’s when we stirred around the idea of doing it, so when she graduated and she was ready to do this, we started looking at venues together,” Stone said.

The venue will be officially open for business after the ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday that will begin at noon.

“We want to entertain the community of Killeen,” Stone said. “It’s a family thing and finally we’re all together doing this thing, and that’s what I wanted to see happen before I start working on performing arts in the sky.”

She added that the venue can comfortably accommodate around 130 people for events that include but are not limited to weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries and much more.

Stone also described what it was like while she was looking for a venue.

“I was looking at a place in Austin where my daughter and son live and I just didn’t know where I wanted to move. When I came to Killeen, I saw the venue in the shopping center and we fell in love with it. We knew this was it. Killeen is the place we will be calling home,” she said.

After the ribbon cutting at noon Friday, the venue will be available for tours until 4 p.m. and there will be multiple events held throughout the weekend.

There will be Juneteenth dance celebrations on June 19 and a Father’s Day brunch on June 20 where fathers can eat for free.

Lastly, Stone explained why opening this business means so much to her.

“I would say I have been involved in a lot of endeavors throughout my years, and this is kind of my last big endeavor and it means so much to me because, hey, I’m not getting any younger and this is a culmination of my son and my daughter and all of the performing arts love that we share,” she said.

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