Dr. Lily Yu and Hipolito Sarabia

Dr. Lily Yu and Hipolito Sarabia

Names: Dr. Lily Yu and Hipolito Sarabia

Ages: 31 and 34

Title: Co-owners

Business name and address: Ninja Physio, 2304 W. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite B, in Killeen

Question: What does your business provide? What service do you provide to the local residents?

Answer: We’re here to set the standard in eliminating pain and create a pain-free central Texas. We’ve seen that our community needs to be at its best to meet the challenging demands of their work, family, and dreams, but many options out there are band-aids that only mask pain for a while, if that. So much of our community is living with years or decades of pain, never finding a real, lasting solution. However, in most cases, with the right methods, it’s actually possible to heal the injuries and eliminate the pain, and that’s what we do.

We actually take the time to get to know our clients, find the true cause of the pain, and with their goals in mind, we develop a custom plan to conquer it. When done this way, the effects last a lifetime instead of a few weeks or days. We like to call it The Ninja Way because it really is very different from what most people have experienced. What we see the most are migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Question: Why did you start the business?

Dr. Lily: I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in order to have a big impact and help change lives. After graduating, I noticed that at the clinics I worked, patients were getting better very slowly, if at all. Since insurance paid out regardless of the outcome, they weren’t much interested in excellence or results. They were focused on cramming as many people as possible into the schedule and/or were poorly managed, all to the detriment of the patient’s care. I would have to fight management just to try and do what was best for my patients!

It was very disappointing and frustrating, and after a while I realized that in order to create the impact I had set out to do, I’d have to run my own practice. So I resigned my job at a local clinic and went for it. I wasn’t sure what was ahead, but I was happy that I was finally free to do everything I could to best serve my clients.

As interest grew, Hipolito joined to take on operations. Along the way we’ve met great people that share our vision and here we are.

Question: How has the coronavirus affected your business?

Answer: Distancing hasn’t really been an issue since we see clients one-on-one, and there’s hardly anyone in the lobby since we start sessions on time. Even so, we’ve been taking extra precautions to make sure all of our clients are safe here.

Question:What else do you want readers to know about your business?

Answer: We’ve noticed skepticism about the idea of living pain free. Given their experiences of seeing several doctors, trying steroid shots, ablations, and even surgery, and still not receiving real explanations or solutions, we understand. Unfortunately, what’s best for the system has been placed above what’s best for people. But when you put people first and combine that with a knowledgeable, caring doctor, great things happen.

You don’t have to retreat from life because of pain, or keep pushing through it every day. If it’s time to conquer pain and get restful sleep, play with your kids, or crush your workouts, and are willing to do what it takes to get there, we’d love to hear from you. For more info, visit our website at NinjaPhysio.com or call us at 254-615-0749.

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