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Howard "Scot" Arey

Name: Howard “Scot” Arey

Age: 54

Title: Owner, Solar CenTex

Business name and address: Solar CenTex, 1901 E. FM 2410, Harker Heights

Question: What does your business provide?

Answer: Our team installs solar energy and energy storage systems for homes, ranches and small businesses.

Question: When did you get into business ownership? When did you bring your business to the local area?

Answer: I started this business in 2013 after leaving the Chief of Staff position of a solar panel manufacturing firm in San Antonio. Prior to that, I served 25 years in the Army, retiring as a colonel. A significant portion of my career was at Fort Hood with 4th Infantry and III Corps and this has become home for my wife and girls.

Question: Why did you start the business?

Answer: Serving in the Army, I’ve recognized that competition for energy was a prime reason for my early service in Desert Storm. Energy independence is so important and here in Texas, we are blessed with so many natural energy resources. Wind, natural gas, and lots of sunshine. They are all important and I wanted to be part of Texas’ energy independence and knew the solar industry was going to grow and become more important.

Question: What service do you provide to the local residents?

Answer: I’m especially proud that we provide the necessary service support after the sale. Too many out-of-town companies sell a system and you never hear from them again. I tell folks you’ll likely see me in the commissary and I don’t want you kicking me in the shins! To that end, we know there are many stranded homeowners that no longer receive support from their original installer so we started our “adoption” program to provide the warranty and monitoring support they deserve.

Question: How has the coronavirus affected your business?

Answer: We definitely saw a slowdown early during the pandemic as homeowners preserved cash and hunkered down. Toward the end of the year, many sought out our backup energy storage designs. That is the most exciting part of our business.

Question: What else do you want readers to know about your business?

Answer: Our team is committed to providing the very best solar and that means the support you need. We were just recognized by SolarReviews in the 2020 Top-Rated installers list and we are #14 nationally with our reviews back to 2018. The least tenured installer on our team has been with us nearly two years and most have been with us for over three years. Both the senior project manager and the master electrician have been here since Day 1. They know the technology better than anybody and our customers recognize that.

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