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Rufus and Jenny Triplett will be in Killeen Saturday to sign copies of their latest book, “Send Me That Recipe: 33 Meals Rediscovered and Sprinkled with Love.”

Rufus and Jenny Triplett, international bestselling authors and relationship coaches, are coming to Killeen as part of a book signing tour with copies of their latest book, “Send Me That Recipe: 33 Meals Rediscovered and Sprinkled with Love.”

Modern Tribe Bookstore, 2710 South Clear Creek Road, will host the couple from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Maeva Gutierrez, the bookstore’s owner, is excited to welcome the couple.

“They’ve done a number of different signings, and have a wealth of information on relationships,” Gutierrez said Friday.

“Send Me That Recipe” is the latest title from the couple’s bestselling book series “Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century.”

The first book from the Surviving Marriage series went to No. 1 in the Marriage category on Amazon, has been translated into three other languages and has sold over 100,000 copies. The new book is more than a book full of recipes that are good food for the body, it also provides tips for married people and other couples on how to improve their relationships.

The Tripletts are one of most sought after professional husband and wife duos in the country and even overseas, according to a news release about the couple’s current book tour. They do just about everything together as they also run several businesses together, while surviving over 30 years of marriage and parenthood.

“They are known for their motivation, empowerment and healthy examples of happily ever after,” the release said. “The Tripletts have traveled extensively across the country and internationally and always draw attention wherever they appear due their magnetic personalities. They are both proud military veterans Marine Corps (Rufus) and Navy (Jenny) respectively and authors of 6 published books.”

Their book tour kicked off May 7 in Jackson, Mississippi. | 254-501-7551


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