Brittany Shelton poses for one of her displays at Selfie-Land in the Killeen Mall.

Brittany Shelton poses for one of her displays at Selfie-Land in the Killeen Mall.

Looking for a fresh way to spend time with friends and loved ones? Selfie-Land in the Killeen Mall offers a way to both make and capture new memories.

Killeen resident Brittany Shelton experienced a selfie bar in Georgia, and she enjoyed it so much, she decided to bring the business concept to the Killeen Mall.

Selfie-Land Killeen, which employs four individuals besides Shelton, will open Saturday for business. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are available by phone at 757-773-1262 or email at

The 12 selfie-taking booths are set up with ring lights, tripods for cameras or phones, and feature backgrounds Shelton said she thought would be popular to a variety of audiences, from adults, to children, families or teenagers — and a green screen so people can create whatever background they want. Additionally, there are props to make pictures more interactive and fun. One of the booths is exclusive to clients aged 18 and older, she said.

“It appeals to everyone,” Shelton said. “You can hang out and take pictures with friends.”

Shelton said Selfie-Land will also offer reservations for parties, brunches and special events.

In October, one of the booths will have a Halloween set up with pumpkins and haystacks, Shelton said.

“Christmas will be really fun because my daughter actually wants The Grinch,” Shelton said. “One of the two weekends in December, I will actually pay somebody to be The Grinch on Saturday and Sunday, with the green screen.”

Shelton also plans to have a mixed beverage permit by December, so patrons can purchase alcohol for their adult events.

“We have a booth that is changeable, you can sponsor your own booth,” Shelton said. “If you’ve got an idea, and talk to me, we can work something out so it can be your booth for a couple of weeks or a month, so people can take pictures in your booth that you created.”

Shelton is already making plans for Valentine’s Day booths and to make backdrops for family photos.

“Family photos will be easy — you can be in Hawaii on the beach, you can be anywhere with the green screen,” Shelton said. “You can do music videos or any other pictures that you need, it’s the background for you to use as well.”

While after-hours and exclusive events are available by reservation, walk-ins are welcome between 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays, and noon to 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

“If you’d like it more private, if you’re solo or more timid and you don’t want a lot of people around you or watching you take pictures — if you’re a little shy it’s best to come between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m,,” Shelton said, adding that time will be less busy, and when she’ll take fewer reservations. “You’ll be here basically with me, and maybe one other person.”

Adults admission fee will be $25 per hour, $20 per hour for teenagers, and $15 for children 9 and up, and $10 for children 4 and up. Non-participating observers will be admitted for $7. Bluetooth clickers to take your own pictures can be rented for $2. Shelton said patrons can call or email for group rates.

Another selfie studio in Killeen, Picture Perfect Selfie Studio, opened up on Elms Road in August.

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