Dick Young

Dick Young

There could be a new Killeen member on the board of directors for the Tax Appraisal District of Bell County in the coming weeks.

Dick Young, the former Killeen city councilman and a former member of the board for the Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, was nominated by the Killeen City Council Tuesday to take the city of Killeen spot on the tax board.

Young said Friday he had been looking to find a way to serve the community since stepping down from the water board last year. Young, who became a housing developer last year, had to step down from the water board because state law prohibits developers from serving on water boards.

Young said his understanding is that the City Council nominated him at last week’s meeting, and it will vote to official approve him as the nomination at Tuesday’s upcoming council meeting.

Young would be replacing Royce Matkin, who died in early January from complications related to COVID-19.

“I applied just a few days after Royce passed away. I contacted the Bell County judge and he told me it was Killeen’s appointment so I called Killeen and put in an application,” Young said.

Killeen Mayor, Jose Segarra, provided a statement via email.

On Young’s nomination to the appraisal board, Segarra noted Young’s longtime service to the community, but believes the other nominee, Otis Evans, would have been an excellent choice.

“I was kind of disappointed, not because of Mr. Young, but because of picking someone who hasn’t served in so many committees,” Segarra said. “We don’t want to keep picking the same people.”

City Spokesperson Hilary Shine described the nomination process.

“(Council) Members may nominate whomever they wish,” Shine said by email on Thursday.

Billy White, the chief appraiser for the Bell County appraisal district, further explained the process of someone being named to the board.

If the council approves Young Tuesday there is no other process to get him on the board, he would take the seat for at least the remainder of Matkin’s term, that runs through 2021, when the council would then reappoint him or appoint someone new, according to White. A normal term on the board is two years.

Unlike water boards, there is no law or regulation prevention developers from serving on appraisal boards, White said, adding the board Young is slated to serve on is separate from the Bell County Appraisal Review Board, which the public can protest to in connection with appraised property values.

If officially approved by the city, Young would be sworn in at the next board of directors meeting in the middle of March, White said.

The primary duties of the board of directors is outlined in a PDF on the Texas Comptroller’s website.

They include:

Hiring a chief appraiser if necessary

Adopting the appraisal district’s annual budget

Appointing an appraisal review board

Have board meetings at least once each calendar quarter

Other duties of the board can be found here, file://kdhuserpro/user_redir/hking/My%20Documents/96-301.pdf.

Herald writer Steve Wilson contributed to this report.

254-501-7464 | hking@kdhnews.com


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