Both candidates for the District 54 seat in the Texas House of Representatives were back on the campaign trail this week.

Early voting is set to begin Tuesday and the incumbent Brad Buckley, R-Salado, and the challenger Keke Williams, D-Harker Heights, are fighting for the seat.

Buckley described his week during a phone call on Friday.

“It’s been another great, busy week for me and my team. It always begins with constituent service and we’ve engaged lots of voters and safely knocked on thousands of doors,” Buckley said.

He also held a private meet and greet during the week to meet with voters.

“We welcomed voters in a safe environment to talk about issues. We had a great turnout for that. People came and went because we were socially distanced but I would say at least 50 people came and went in a couple of hours,” he said.

As early voting is about to start, Buckley described his plan over the next few weeks.

“We’ll move forward and I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done and that’s be the representative to House District 54 first while also getting out and humbly asking people for their vote,” Buckley said.

Williams also reported a successful week in an email from her campaign manager on Friday.

“This week we reported raising $336,235 in just seven weeks from 14,576 contributions. Voters are captivated with excitement due to the presence of new, inspiring leadership; and are ready for new leadership in Austin. We are amazed by their energy and enthusiasm,” Williams said in the email.

She also said she is meeting with voters in person leading up to early voting and the election.

“Our campaign’s community outreach continues. We are block walking in a safe, socially distant way, and I continue one-on-one Q&A sessions with District 54 voters,” she said.

Williams, an Army retiree, said her campaign is preparing for early voting by giving rides to residents that need them to vote and informing disabled voters on how to help them and what absentee voters need to do to turn in their ballots.

Williams added that her “campaign is honored to earn the endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris.” Williams was previously endorsed by Barack Obama.

Williams and her team are focused on getting voters to the polls as early voting is about to kick off.

“We are four days from early election and 25 days until Election Day. People are already voting. Minds are already made up,” Williams said.

Early voting runs from Tuesday through Oct. 30 and the election is scheduled for Nov. 3. Read more about these two candidates and their stances on some statewide issues in Sunday’s Herald.

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Kiki Williams is on the wrong side of every issue. She is a proponent of socialism just as extreme as AOC and Obama. Buckley well represents the values of central Texas and should be reelected.


You are correct, all you have to do is go to is Killeen TX city council candidate Ken Wilkerson face book Page, and you can see the whole truth.

You can actually see and read it for yourself. He clearly states who all he is conected with. This is not an election, this is a takeover of our country. Go see for yourself who all are in bed togather.


I am my own man. I am not beholden to anyone except the people of Killeen as their next representative. I do not get caught up in the identity politics that seeks to create a divide, as we should be working together regardless of political affiliation. I am not naïve enough to believe that there won't be people who will always seek to separate. I only use that negativity as fuel to continue to serve and do what's right. I appreciate you directing people to my site. I'm sure they will be able to determine that I am only seeking to do what is in the best interest of Killeen for Killeen. Thank you for your support. Vote

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