Brockley Moore is now leading the Killeen Independent School District board of trustees candidates in both political contributions and political expenditures with over $10,000 in both categories.

Moore’s campaign finance report was not available on the school district’s website early last week, but it can now be seen at along with six other candidates for school board.

According to Moore’s report, he has had $12,550 in contributions and just over $17,784 in total political expenditures — thousands of dollars more than the next leading candidate.

Nearly $7,000 of his expenditures have gone to fund advertisements with both the Killeen Daily Herald and Voices United Publication of Killeen, a quarterly newspaper.

Moore also spent $2,200 on a KISD reading and writing initiative, and $1,000 was given to the Refuge Corporation for a local food drive, according to his finance report.

Some other expenses included $2,000 for a KISD scholarship, just over $5,683 on school supplies for students and other expenditures related to the district.

All of his political contributions came from himself or apparent members of his family that have the same last name.

Other than Moore, six other candidates have also submitted their campaign finance reports.

Riakos Adams has spent just over $1,751 and over $1,498 of that has come from his personal funds.

In contributions, Adams has received donations from residents and businesses alike. The biggest donation to Adams was from, who donated $375.63 on Aug. 25.

Incumbent Brett Williams has spent the second most of any candidate at just over $2,682, with $2,582 of that has coming from his personal funds.

Williams has spent his funds on campaign signs through the KDH Media Group.

The second incumbent, Marvin Rainwater, has spent over $1,155 on the campaign, and all of his spending is from personal funds.

The other three candidates — of eight total people running — have submitted financial reports to the district.

Those candidates are David Mell, Stanley Golaboff and Lan Carter.

Mell has spent over $466, and all of his spending has come from personal funds.

Golaboff has spent just over $760 of his personal money on the campaign, and Carter has spent over $232.

Adams filed his report on Oct. 5, Carter filed hers on Sept. 21, Golaboff filed his on Oct. 7, Mell filed his on Sept. 28, Rainwater filed his on Oct. 7, Williams filed his on Sept. 30 and Moore filed his on Oct. 1.

David Michael Jones is the only candidate that has not filed a campaign finance report.

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