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COPPERAS COVE — The candidates who raised and spent the most money had the best results at the polls in the Copperas Cove City Council elections, according to campaign finance reports.

The city of Copperas Cove provided campaign finance reports for nine of the 10 City Council candidates through an open records request. A report for Place 5 candidate Gary Kent was not included in that information.

Candidates are required to choose one of two methods to report contributions and expenditures. Those candidates who do not plan to raise or spend more than $500 can file a modified reporting declaration. That declaration means they do not have to file detailed campaign finance reports with the city secretary.

Candidates Benjamin Beck, Dario Eubank and Jayme Sigler chose the modified reporting method. Candidate Terri Deans initially filed a modified reporting declaration, but also filed a more detailed spending report at the end of October.

Here’s a look at the other candidates’ contributions and expenditures prior to the Nov. 5 election. Candidates who did not choose to file under the modified reporting method were required to submit campaign finance reports 30 days before the election, and then again eight days before the election.


Place 3 incumbent Councilman Dan Yancey filed campaign finance reports on Oct. 4 and Oct. 29. The totals from both reports show Yancey raised $4,600 for his campaign. He spent a total of $2,671.06 on signs and advertising, both in print media and online. Yancey contributed $1,000 to his own campaign, and reported 12 other contributions to his campaign, all of which were for $100 or more.

His opponents, Dario Eubank and Jayme Sigler, both indicated in campaign filings that they would spend less than $500 on their campaigns.

Yancey received 58.20% of the vote in the election. Sigler received 22.36%, while Eubank received 19.44%


Place 4 incumbent Councilman Jay Manning filed campaign finance reports on Oct. 3 and Oct. 28. He reported no campaign contributions, and one expenditure, $606.20 for campaign signs.

Candidate Matt Russell filed a campaign finance report on Oct. 15. He also reported no political contributions and one expenditure, $86.60 for campaign signs. The city did not provide any other campaign reports for Russell in an email received Nov. 4.

Candidate Benjamin Beck indicated in campaign filings that he would spend less than $500 on his campaign.

Manning received 56.24% of the vote in the election. Russell received 27.21%, while Beck received 16.55%


Place 5 candidate Dianne Yoho Campbell filed campaign finance reports Oct. 7 and Oct. 28. She reported total campaign contributions of $6,150 in the two reports. Campbell reported $4,561.53 in campaign expenditures through Oct. 28, to pay mainly for campaign signs, advertising and website development. The reports indicate that Campbell received at least one campaign contribution for $50 or less, while itemizing 21 contributions of $100 or more.

No campaign finance report for candidate Gary Kent was included in an email from the city on Nov. 4.

Campbell received 69.14% of the vote in the election. Kent trailed with 30.86%


Place 7 candidate Jack Smith filed campaign finance reports on Oct. 4 and Oct. 28. Smith reported $660 in campaign contributions, while loaning his campaign $1,600 of his own money. He also reported a pledged contribution of $500 from the Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors. Smith spent $2,349.20 on his campaign, mainly on campaign signs and print advertising.

Terri Deans had originally decided to use the modified reporting method, saying she would raise and spend less than $500 on her campaign. However, Deans filed a more detailed financing report with the city on Oct. 25. That report shows that she raised $400 and spent $353 on signs and advertising.

Smith received 52.97% of the vote in the special election for Place 7. Deans received 47.03%.


By dividing the amount each candidate spent by the number of votes received, it’s possible to determine how much each candidate spent per vote, for the candidates that declared expenses in the campaign:

Campbell - $3.14 per vote

Yancey - $2.23 per vote

Smith - $2.13 per vote

Manning - 51 cents per vote

Deans - 36 cents per vote

Russell - 15 cents per vote*

*The total for Matt Russell was calculated using only one campaign finance report filed Oct. 15.

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