The Killeen City Council has been discussing the formation of an Ethics and Oversight Board since Feb. 2. It will have to wait another two weeks.

During its Tuesday workshop session, the Killeen City Council was slated to have a discussion with city staff about who the ordinance will cover, what to include in the standards of conduct, and who will do the investigating.

After City Attorney Traci Briggs gave her presentation, the floor was opened for discussion. But instead of discussing, Councilmember Debbie Nash-King issued a motion of direction for the topic to be moved to discuss on May 18.

Nash-King said the reason for the delay was to get the new council members in on the discussion.

The city elected two new council members in Saturday’s election. A third race has a possible recount pending.

“I believe they should have a say on it because it will have an effect on him or her,” Nash-King said.

Brown, who had originally introduced the motion back in February, did not want to see it further delayed. She said the council wasn’t writing the ordinance, but simply looking at recommendations.

“We can’t just postpone business because we have a new council coming on. We can delay and delay, and delay, but it is not going to get business done,” Brown said.

Councilmember Steve Harris argued that the new council could talk to other members and review booklets to catch up. He said the delay would push the discussion to nearly two months after the last time the issue was discussed.

“I do believe if we waited for a new council to come on, it would be prolonged,” Harris said.

There is currently no ethics ordinance, ethics board, or an ethics commission, something Councilmember Shirley Fleming mentioned in her comments.

“We do not need to kick this can down the road,” Fleming said. “I do not agree with delaying this. We need to move on.”

Councilmember Ken Wilkerson called for the vote and the motion of direction to delay the discussion until May 18 was passed 4-3.

Councilmembers Brown, Harris, and Fleming were the votes against.


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