Bell and Coryell county residents continued to head to the polls Wednesday in the final week of early voting for the March 3 primary. Between the two counties, a total of 16,258 votes had been cast, including mail-in votes.

That represents an increase of 2,104 votes over Tuesday’s total of 14,154.

In Bell County, at six different voting locations, election officials reported 1,626 daily in-person votes cast for county, state and national offices. The mail-in votes forWednesday tallied 151, totaling 868 overall.

Bell County Courthouse Annex in Belton - 390

Bell County Annex in Killeen - 136

Killeen Community Center - 244

Temple Annex - 467

Salado Church of Christ - 134

Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Center - 255

The total votes cast in Bell County so far, including mail-in votes, is 12,420.

In Coryell County 319 votes were cast in person on Tuesday.

Copperas Cove - 161

Gatesville - 158

The total votes cast for Coryell County so far, including mail-in votes, is 3,838.

Early-voting totals for Lampasas County were not available at press time.

The March 3 primary election is for county, state and national offices.

The KISD bond and local city and school board races will be on the ballot for the May 2 elections.


Early voting days and hours are:

Feb. 27 and 28: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Early voting locations are:

Belton - Bell County Courthouse Annex, 550 E. Second Ave.

Harker Heights - Parks & Recreation Center, 307 Millers Crossing

Killeen - Bell County Annex, 304 Priest Drive

Killeen - Killeen Community Center, 2201 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Salado - Salado Church of Christ, 217 N. Stagecoach

Temple - Bell County Annex, 205 E. Central Ave.


Early voting days and hours are:

Feb. 27 and 28: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Early voting will be held at two locations:

The Copperas Cove Early Voting Center, 508-B in the Cove Terrace Shopping Center in Copperas Cove.

The Gatesville Main Street Annex, 801 E. Leon St. in Gatesville.


Feb. 27 and 28: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The location for early voting is 407 S. Pecan St., Suite 102, Lampasas.

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