The Killeen City Council is expected to vote today on a proposal submitted by Joshua Welch on behalf of EAS Investments that would allow for the rezoning of over 90 acres of land in North Killeen.

The zoning change would expand an already existing development situated on Sally Ride Lane. This would be connected to over 100 proposed housing-units, which would run along Rancier Avenue. This would require 92 acres be rezoned.

Approval of the housing division would also require the amendment of 72 acres of the Future Use Land Map along Rancier Avenue to rezone the area to general residential. The development would aslo allow for a new strip mall to be constructed on East Rancier Avenue.

Killeen Fire Chief James Kubinski said there would be a mild impact on fire and police personnel in the area based on statistics from 250-unit housing divisions.

Currently, there is no scheduled completion date for the project. Director of Planning for the Planning and Development Services Department Wallis Meshier said it will be completed in phases.

The development comes as a separate project from Cactus Jack Development, which was approved Aug. 10 to develop Boggs Ranch into a 400+ unit housing division along south State Highway 195. It will also include a public accessible dog park, which will controlled by a local home owner’s association.

Though preliminary approval was given during the meeting, the council brought up the concern of traffic issues as a result of the new development. It was a shared sentiment among the council members that a traffic assessment should be performed to monitor potential increases in traffic, and also a potential stoplight with discussion surrounding who would pay for it.

Killeen Executive Director of Development Services Tony McIlwain said the city will conduct a continuous street impact assessment because the project would consist of multiple phases.

A regular meeting will be held at Killeen City Hall, 101 North College Street, at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the Council Chambers. A workshop on the budget will immediately follow.

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Butterfly Lady

What they need to do is build a grocery store off of rancier. They took away the only 2 stores we had over here, and put up another hair store. As if we don't have so many of those as is. Everyone does not have a car, and those with one can't afford the gas to go across town to get to one.


The problem is, the quality of the residents in those areas. You can take people out of the slums, but you cannot take the slums out of people


What does this have to do with the matter at hand? If you don’t like black, brown, and senior citizens of this city it would’ve been easier just to say that.


I wish city leadership would take the same energy they give for unsustainable sprawl and subpar cookie cutter subdivisions to make downtown a live-able and work-able space.

Butterfly Lady

I totally agree with you. I have been living in Killeen since 2006, and the so call downtown have always looked like a ghost town. Instead of building all these restaurants they need to do something about the downtown area.


I agree! At first I had hope with the new comprehensive plan, but they haven’t done much to downtown since the old comprehensive plan -except new light poles so it seems. Your other comment is on spot as well. They voted to slap up another huge subdivision, but where are these people supposed to get groceries?? Not everyone has a car or can drive. North side is full of seniors forced to drive across town or into Harker Heights for food. It’s pitiful.

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