With the Killeen City Council District 4 second election less than three weeks away, both candidates are increasing their digital outreach in hopes of attracting more voters.

Incumbent Steve Harris and Michael Boyd tied during the municipal elections held on May 1 with 181 votes apiece. Brockley Moore, who finished third, received 112 votes but will not be included in the second election which will take place on June 12. Early voting starts Tuesday.

On Sunday Harris released five short videos showing residents who said they will be voting for him in the second election.

“I’ve always voted for Mr. Harris,” Beverly Crocket said in one of the videos. “I like the way he votes. He seems to really think about the problem.”

“He’s a stand-up guy, he likes to listen to the community and he also supports the community in whatever we need,” Roberto Castro said as his reason for voting for Harris.

Harris said social media is one of the most effective ways to get the message out and help counter misinformation.

“My videos and posts are targeted towards those who have not definitively made up their minds,” Harris said via text Tuesday. “It is to help counter the notion that a teacher cannot be a council person but anyone else with a full time job can.”

Boyd launched a website, boydforkilleen.com, on Monday night. The website gives his biography, outlines his platform and provides multiple ways for residents to donate or connect with this campaign.

“Michael has seen Killeen grow and change dramatically within the past 20 years. He believes his understanding of policy will serve as an asset in planning and decision making for the future,” the website said. “Michael’s main priority is making well-informed decisions on behalf of the citizens of Killeen.”

Boyd said he chose to build a website because not everyone utilizes social media.

“For me, it was important to provide a dedicated platform for voters, in addition to the Facebook page,” Boyd said in an email Tuesday. “My campaign website is designed to give citizens the opportunity to learn more about myself, my priorities, District 4 and the upcoming election.”


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You sir, in my humble opinion, serve no god that is a good one. I am befuddled at your persistent push to persuade people Councilman Harris voted to "continue" No Knocks. Your purposeful, manipulating and consciously false statements speaks volumes about your true character. You are the exact opposite of a decent person and this is why I support Mr. Harris. For a candidate to have someone like you articulating thoughts such as yours to help get "Your candidate" elected is a travesty to Mr. Boyd's character if has knowledge of who you are and what you are consistently lying about. You are not of a caliber of which, in my opinion, Councilman Harris would want supporting him. For the record, Mr. Harris did not vote to "continue" No Knocks but, to allow the citizens to ban it through the ballot. He never expressed support for it but, has publicly stated that he did not. I would like to say that if I were Mr. Harris that I would look into finding out who you are and taking you to court for wilfully and knowingly defaming him. Yet, you hide behind a handle on a comment section of a newspaper. The newspaper needs to ban you for wilfully spreading your mistruths about Mr. Harris - as they know for a fact that he did not vote to continue No Knocks.

Don, stand down and go to whatever god you claim to serve and seek his or her forgiveness. If they condone what you are doing, then you both need to go before your gods.


I think we need to get rid of Harris. His vote to continue deadly no knock raids was reprehensible. Experience is not necessarily a good thing. Experience in bad decisions is not what we need on our council.


This campaign is about experienced city leadership vs a new untested opponent.

I believe it is critical for the city to return the experience and sustainable ideas of a proven by fire candidate.

Mr Harris stands for what he believes in. He believes in solid sustainability.

He has shown his ability to research concerns of all citizens and to skillfully articulate those ideas in a non nonsense manner.

These next two years we can’t afford on the job training. Vote for Steve.

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