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Marvin Rainwater

The Killeen Independent School District could have two new board members come November.

Two seats are up for election on Nov. 3. The election was originally scheduled for May 2 but was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Early voting for the election begins Oct. 13.

Every Sunday prior to the beginning of early voting, the Herald will run a profile of one of the candidates.

This week’s profile features Marvin Rainwater, the incumbent for Place 4 on the school board.

Name: Marvin Rainwater

Age: 74

Occupation: Retired educator

City of residence: Harker Heights


1. What was your upbringing like, what is your education level, and what brought you to the Killeen area?

I was raised in Harlingen. My father was the Fire Chief, Harlingen Air Force Base and transitioned to a nuclear fire specialist for the Air Force. His job was extremely sensitive. He would leave our home for months and could not let us know where he was or when he would return. This was during the sixties when the fear of a nuclear attack was very real in our country. I remember surveillance teams would park in front of our home, or down the road from our house to watch my family.

2. What do you do for a living and how did you get into the field you are in? If you are retired, what did you do? 

I am a retired educator. Coaching was my passion! After coaching I became a counselor at KHS, and went on to serve as assistant principal, Ellison High School Principal, Willow Springs Principal, Executive Director of KISD Career Center.

3. Have you run or served for a public office before? What office was it, and what was the outcome of the election? Why did you decide to run for a seat on the KISD school board?

I have served KISD as a board member for 6 years. As I spoke of earlier, teaching is a calling. As a board member I wanted to continue that passion. KISD Board is the only public office I have held.

4. If elected, what will be your priorities as a school board member? 

KISD, and all school districts in Texas will have extraordinarily little money to operate schools in the coming years. State funding will be severely cut. The public health emergency continues to impact schools operationally and financially; costs of running the schools increases yearly. The Board needs to plan carefully and implement changes which continue KISD’s tradition of excellence. I feel my knowledge of the school operational systems will help our board make difficult decisions KISD will be facing.

I would like to work on student discipline and Behavior Health as a board member.

5. What do you want voters to know about you on a personal level?

I have lived in Killeen since 1970, coming here to be a coach, almost by accident. I attended 4 high schools and decided I did not want my children to change schools like my brother, and I did. We often changed schools with little notice.

Killeen is in a beautiful area of our state and near large cities. I enjoy the opportunity to visit Austin and San Antonio.

My adult children are educators and my wife, a retired KISD administrator. I have two grandchildren which are the light of my life. One is in pre-K and the other is 2.

6. What are your qualifications for a school board seat?

Bachelor’s degree is Liberal Arts, Master’s Degree is in Guidance and Counseling, I held a LPC License which is expired. I am a Certified Social Studies Composite teacher, Counselor, and Vocational School Counselor.

I think I am a good listener, straightforward in my communication. My roles in KISD include classroom teacher, coach, counselor, middle school assistant principal, elementary school principal, Ellison High School principal and Executive Director of KISD Career Center. These roles have given me a vast understanding of the complexities of schools, at each level. I can draw from the experiences to make informed decisions about KISD schools!

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