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Residents vote at the Killeen Senior Center at Lions Club Park on Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is over, and the unofficial voting results are in. There were some surprise voting results and other, more predictable outcomes, but voters across the state and nation came out in droves to make their voices heard.

In the presidential race, current President Donald Trump received 1.87 million votes across Texas, totaling 94% of the Republican vote. Candidates Bill Weld (15,697 votes) and Illinois Representative Joe Walsh (15,654 votes) each received roughly 0.8% of the Republican vote. Walsh had ended his campaign for president on Feb. 7.

On the Democratic side, former Vice President Joe Biden received 596,327 votes, totaling 32.9% of the Democratic vote. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders received 540,334 votes, 29.8% of the Democratic vote.

One of Texas' seats in the U.S. Senate is also up for grabs this election, and several candidates are on the ballot trying to receive their party's nomination. Incumbent John Cornyn will remain on the ticket, having earned 76.3% of the Republican vote with 1.46 million votes. Democratic challengers Mary "MJ" Hegar and Royce West will head to a runoff election to determine who will face Cornyn in the general election in November. 

Bell County

There were many heavily contested races across the county Tuesday, with several races preparing for runoff elections. 

For U.S. House District 31, Republican incumbent John Carter easily held onto his party's nomination, earning 52,904 votes for 82.3% of the vote. His Democratic challenger has not been decided yet, with Christine Eady Mann and Donna Imam heading into a runoff election. Mann received 24,010 votes (34.7%) while Imam received 21,258 votes (30.7%).

For Bell County Sheriff, incumbent Eddy Lange will hold onto his seat with 15,107 votes, defeating challenger Fred Harris, who had 7,227 votes.

No Democrats ran for election in the primary, so Lange will retain the office of sheriff.

In the race for Justice of the Peace Precinct 4, Place 1, Republican Michael Keefe earned 4,896 votes. His Democratic challenger will be Gregory Johnson (7,024 votes), who beat out incumbent Daryl Peters (3,600 votes) with just over 66% of the vote.

For Bell County Constable Precinct 4, Republican Michael Copeland (4,738 votes) will face off against Democrat Martha Dominguez (7,068 votes) in November.

District 426th Judge race will also see a runoff election, as Republican candidates Steve Duskie and Jeff Parker both received a sizable number of votes. Duskie received 8,845 votes while Parker earned 7,855 votes. No Democrats ran for election in the primary.

Coryell County

With six candidates on the Republican ticket, it was always likely that Coryell County Commissioner Precinct 3 would hold a runoff election. After Super Tuesday's voting, it was determined that candidates Ryan Basham (473 votes) and Justin Veazey (389 votes) will face each other in the runoff. No Democrats ran for election in the primary.

Republican incumbent Scott A. Williams earned 5,104 votes in the race for Coryell County Sheriff, beating out Republican Roger Hammack (1,712 votes) for the seat. No Democrats ran for election in the primary.

The Constable Precinct 2 seat will remain in Republican incumbent Shawn Camp's hands, as he received 794 votes Tuesday. No Democrats ran for election in the primary.

The Constable Precinct 3 seat Republican nomination will go to Jimmy R. Daniel, who earned 1,456 votes.

Lampasas County

The Constable Precinct 2 & 3 seat experienced an upset Tuesday, as Misty Maldonado won the Republican nomination with 244 votes. Republican incumbent John W. Harris received 155 votes. No Democrats ran for election in the primary.

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