Ryan Basham

Unofficial results from Coryell County showed that Ryan Basham had secured 53.98% of the votes with all precincts reporting to fellow Republican Justin Veazey's 46.02% in the runoff election for Coryell County Commissioner Precinct 3.

Residents of Coryell County’s third precinct, which covers the eastern part of the county and parts of Gatesville, appear to have a new county commissioner.

In a runoff between Republicans Ryan Basham and Justin Veazey, Basham came out on top, according to unofficial results provided by the county on Tuesday evening.

With no Democratic contenders, Basham is effectively assured victory in November.

Incumbent Don Jones did not run for re-election.

Basham received a total of 787 votes, good for 53.98%, while Veazey took in 671 votes for 46.02%.

The votes will be canvassed in the coming days to verify the vote.

The two were in the runoff because they were the top vote-getters in the crowded March primary, which had six candidates.

Basham trains race horses at his family’s ranch. The horses he trains race mainly in Texas, but sometimes they travel to other states to race.

He entered the family business after college. His grandfather and uncle also trained race horses, he said.

Heading into the runoff, Basham’s top three priorities were road repairs, lowering property taxes and promoting economic growth.

“Every year, it (property tax rate) just really has gone up a lot,” Basham said via phone June 27. “You know, I’d just like to ... be able to lower taxes.”

Since the precinct covers parts of Gatesville, Basham would like to see growth in the town.

“I’d like to see more businesses come in and do good in Gatesville,” Basham said.


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