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Heart of Texas Phoenix team ready to go against the Heart of Texas Bluebonnets team during the South Texas district quiz meet held last weekend at Cove Church of the Nazarene. From left to right are Stephen Clark, John Power, Parker Frederick, Thomas Felber, Rachel Emmons, Lilyanna Clark, Kahlan Morello, Chase Morello.

Six Copperas Cove youngsters qualified for a national Bible quizzing competition with Top 10 finishes in a South Texas district competition last weekend at Cove Church of the Nazarene.

Placing second as a team were the Copperas Cove Heart of Texas Bluebonnets: Kahlan Morello, Chase Morello, Lilyanna Clark, and Rachel Emmons. The Heart of Texas Phoenix team (also from Cove) finished fifth: Stephen Clark, John Power, Parker Frederick, Thomas Felber.

Individuals qualifying to go to St. Louis next month by virtue of a Top 10 finish included: Kahlan Morello (4th), Lilyanna Clark (5th), Stephen Clark and Rachel Emmons (tied for 7th), Chase Morello and Thomas Felber (tied for 8th).

Desirae Clark, who coaches the Cove teams along with husband, Rick, said she was thrilled with last Saturday’s results, and looking forward to traveling next month to the 42nd annual St. Louis Top Ten tournament at St. Louis Ferguson Church of the Nazarene.

“I think it went great,” Clark said. “Everybody had a lot of fun and almost all of the Heart of Texas quizzers qualified to go to St. Louis. That was pretty exciting because the only way to get there is to qualify, so now we’re getting ready to go up there and do well again.”

Bible quizzing is a youth ministry program first started by the Church of the Nazarene in 1964 as a way to encourage kids to study and better understand the Bible, along with developing future church leaders. There are two divisions: a children’s program that includes up to sixth graders; and a teen program for grades seven through 12.

Teams of four competitors each sit in chairs equipped with electronic sensors, and when a question is asked, the first person to jump out of their seat gets the first chance at providing an answer. If someone jumps before the question is completed, that person must finish the question and then give the correct answer. Play continues with team members rotating in and out based on the number of correct and/or incorrect answers.

Clark said the Cove team members do a great job and study hard for their competitions.

“They study in great detail to know answers to little questions (and) to know answers to big questions,” she said. “For example, a question might be, ‘Who does not show favoritism?’ The answer to that is God, found in Romans 2:11.

“There are also ‘according to’ questions. Like, ‘According to Romans 2:11, who does not show favoritism?’ The answer to that would be God. Or it could be a context question, such as, ‘From what Old Testament book does the following quotation come?’ There are also quote questions, like ‘Quote Romans 2:11.’

“So it’s up to the kids how much studying they put into it. Some study a lot; others study less. It’s the most impressive thing to see these kids knowing the most obscure answers.”

This is the first year for Copperas Cove to have official teams competing in the Bible study tournaments. Clark’s children have competed independently before, but now there are as many as nine local youngsters who participate, making the Heart of Texas teams the largest group in the South Texas district, which ranges from Odessa to the west; south to the Rio Grande Valley; east to Beaumont; Port Arthur, Orange; and north to Waco.

In August, the Copperas Cove teams competed in Tennessee, and they traveled to Kansas the first part of November.

For more information on the Bible quizzing program, go to:

Anyone who is interested in joining the Heart of Texas teams can contact Clark through the Cove Church of the Nazarene.

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