It’s a busy world today and people often don’t have the time to listen to what a stranger may have to say. Especially if that person is trying to sell them something, regardless of whether what they are selling is a product, service, an idea or a request for funding to research what the effect of shrimps on treadmills would be to the oceanic environment.

So to help local small-business owners and entrepreneurs make the most of what little time they may have to attract new customers, the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation hosted a class on the “30-Second Elevator Pitch” during the monthly evening workshop Wednesday.

“We do this to help small businesses and startup businesses develop and grow,” Diane Drussell, EDC business retention, said. “We try to offer different services that are relevant to them — different topics, different subjects. A lot of the people here tonight are with Enactus from (Central Texas College) who are here to learn how to do the 30-second elevator pitch.

“ These are our future leaders of America and many of them will go into business and come from a business class.”

The 30-second elevator pitch class was primarily designed to help a business owner learn how to communicate with potential clients or customers and to build those relationships, she added.

The class also built on principles of communication learned in the August seminar about DISC communication styles, which assesses different styles by dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness.

“We’re going to talk about how DISC and communication should be considered together and then the 30-second elevator speech,” Nicole Stalker, one of the instructors, said.

“Realistically, as a sales person, if you don’t connect with someone with your first sentence, you’ve lost that sales 80 percent of the time,” said Clarence Enochs, the other instructor. “You have to know yourself well enough to know how you’re going to connect with a particular person with a particular communication style. And practice is key. While we enjoy seeing you here, it does you an injustice if you don’t go home and practice.” | 254-501-7554

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