The Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors awarded John Hayes of Waffle Cone as their July Business of the Month during a ceremony at the restaurant Wednesday.

Ambassadors choose a business of the month from chamber members in good standing who go out of their way to help not only the chamber, but the community.

“We chose Waffle Cone because of the exceptional customer service as well — it’s always constant,” said Susan Rios, ambassador from Western Insurance. “They’re always willing to contribute wherever they can with any event, whether it is any charity or local fundraisers.

“And they’ve gone through a very difficult time,” she added, referencing the Blue Bell ice cream recalls that nearly put Waffle Cone out of business recently. “They’ve persevered, and that’s what small businesses are all about. He’s been through a lot and we’re really happy that he’s still open.”

Hayes, who owns Waffle Cone, said he was very surprised to be honored by the ambassadors.

“It’s unexpected and it’s a great honor. We try very hard to make Copperas Cove a happy place, and this just shows that we’re doing something right,” he said.

Waffle Cone has begun making its own ice cream, often going through several batches of individual flavors to get the taste right, he added.

“It’s a challenge and a learning-as-we-go kind of thing,” Hayes said. “We’ve made five kinds of vanilla so far trying to get it right. But I think it’s a direction we were going to have to take eventually, but we just got pushed toward it a lot quicker than I anticipated.” | 254-501-7554

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