Erin Kilpatrick

Crossroads High School English teacher Erin Kilpatrick is the loved by her students and her instruction is engaging, well planned and executed.

Crossroads Principal Pat Crawley says Kilpatrick is the kind of teacher he wishes he could duplicate.

“Mrs. Kilpatrick data to drive her instruction and gears it to each student’s individual areas of weakness to help him be successful,” Crawley said. “She is the teacher you would want your child to have.”

Crossroads is an alternative school of choice for students. Teachers’ time is spent is spent not in the traditional classroom but facilitating the students with the digital classroom to ensure their success.

“Mrs. Kilpatrick is very knowledgeable when it comes to technology and is able to head off issues that students encounter before they effect the students’ work,” Crawley said. “When you walk in her classroom, you will see students working together in teams, often collaborating together on an assignment. Additionally she uses the technology to give her students immediate feedback on their work. She is always learning and constantly seeking new ways to help her students.”

Kilpatrick taught several years in Arizona before joining the Copperas Cove ISD teaching staff.

“Her passion for helping students understand and enjoy English is inspiring. Students who have struggled in previous English classes find themselves doing well in her class,” Crawley said. “She understands the struggle many students have with English and encourages them by engaging them in a manner to which they can relate.”

Kilpatrick implemented a new schedule and system of learning at the start of the school year. She organized the students’ classes and set in motion the concept of how teachers would move through the classrooms each day in order to see every student on campus.

“The system has worked marvelously and much of its success is due to Erin’s ability to see the big picture and work with both administration and teachers to orchestrate a great plan of action,” Crawley said.

Kilpatrick was named the Crossroads High School Teacher of the Year and as a top-3 finalist for the CCISD Secondary Teacher of the Year award. She has nine years of teaching experience.

Disciplinary Alternative Education Program Coordinator Melvin Holliday referred to Kilpatrick as a “technological whiz.”

“This enables her to aid the students to avoid program issues and allows them to achieve more,” Holliday said. “Her passion for influencing student achievement is unmatched.”

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