Emma Baldwin 2-7

Emma Baldwin

Emma Baldwin is a problem-solver. The 11 year old is committed to not just changing the world around her but observing what is negatively affecting those around her and putting in place a plan resolve the issues.

The House Creek Elementary fifth-grader chose as her Genius Hour Project the study of different ways to prevent houses from flooding during a severe storm or disaster. For their projects, students may select any topic they wish to learn more about.

Fifth grade teacher Fabiola Florexil says the Genius Hour Project was erected to encourage students to think of ways to help make a change in their community or better themselves.

“She wants to save her community by problem-solving in this way,” Florexil said. “Emma chose to focus not on how to make her world better, but used a real observation of what is affecting the world and wanting to change it.”

Baldwin is very conscious of her environment. Instead of throwing away items, she sells them in yard sales or gives them to others in need. She keeps her toys and other items in pristine condition.

“I want the people receiving my items to enjoy them just as much as I did,” Baldwin said.

The daughter of a veteran, Baldwin understands the importance of service. Although her father travels frequently with his job, missing him does not change her attitude.

“She is constantly cheerful and doesn’t let that change how she behaves with others or let it affect her work,” Florexil said.

Baldwin helps other students and the teacher in class after she has completed her assignments. She tutors struggling students with their academics without having to be asked.

“Emma is a wonderful student to have in class. She is always asking ‘What can I do to help around the classroom?’ Florexil said.

Baldwin was nominated by Florexil as one of House Creek Elementary’s Central Texas Incredible Kid.

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