Joslynn Coombs

Joslynn Coombs

Imagine having Shirley Temple perform for you every evening in your living room. This is what it is like in the Coombs household as curly-haired, vivacious and sassy Joslynn Coombs dances around the room, singing and performing as if she is on the Broadway stage.

Joslynn’s mother, Ashley Coombs, laughs at her daughter’s antics while admiring her tenacity.

“She loves being the center of attention and sings and dances for us on a regular basis,” Coombs said. “She is full of life and love and has the kindest heart. She enjoys giving hugs and high fives to all of her friends and teachers at school and can always tell when extra ‘lovies’ are needed to help brighten someone’s day.”

It was Joslynn’s kind heart that led her to select The Snowdrop Foundation as her charity of choice. As the reigning Miniature Miss Five Hills, Joslynn’s community service project is Bling for Bravery. The organization accepts various neck medals and repurposes them to give to patients at the Texas Children’s Hospital to encourage them to finish the race and beat the deadly disease of cancer.

Joslynn’s goal is to collect as many medals as she can from the other students where she takes her weekly gymnastics and dance classes and visit other dance and gymnastics facilities throughout Central Texas to support her cause.

“Joslynn understands the importance of cheering on other kids and encouraging them to be courageous,” Coombs said. “She has used her reign as Miniature Miss Five Hills to encourage those who participate in charity runs and similar events to donate their old medals as well.

“Within the next two weeks, we will travel to Houston where she will turn in all she has collected and see first-hand how she helped put smiles on other kids’ faces and do what she does best which is brightening the lives of everyone around her.”

Joslynn has assisted with many community projects since being crowned last June and has accrued more than 250 volunteer hours as Miniature Miss Five Hills. Joslynn will crown her successor at the eighth annual Miss Five Hills Scholarship Pageant on March 27 at the Copperas Cove Civic Center. The pageant begins at 1 p.m. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door. Face coverings are required in the civic center.

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