Avery Brown

Avery Brown

Five-year-old Avery Brown relocated to Central Texas from a big city. Getting used to a smaller, suburban town was initially a challenge.

“Before moving, Avery had a very active social life, especially for a 4-year-old. She loved doing gymnastics, playing with our three dogs and always being out and about,” Avery’s mother, Heather Brown said. “With a pandemic on our hands, and being a stay-at-home mom in a new city, it proved to be a challenge for us both. I knew that I had to get her involved in something.”

Then, Heather Brown learned about the Miss Five Hills Scholarship pageant and knew immediately that she wanted to enter Avery.

“Just the friends she made at the pageant rehearsal helped Avery feel more comfortable in her new community,” Brown said. “But, the opportunities the pageant has offered her to get involved in the community and try new experiences have truly benefitted her.”

One of Avery’s favorite past times is hiking, or “going on adventures,” as she calls it. She loves nature and exploring. As she’s gotten older, Avery’s parents taught her the importance of keeping the outdoors beautiful and free from litter, sharing that not everyone shares these ideologies.

Avery and her family have fostered many birds, rabbits and other small animals from the carelessness of others in the outdoors.

This led to Avery selecting Wands for Wildlife for her community service project. Avery collects used mascara wands, washes them and donates them to wildlife animal rescue groups to provide care such as removing larvae from the corner of an animal’s eye or oil from a bird’s feathers.

“Seeing the love and compassion in my daughter’s eyes for this has inspired me in many ways myself and to help us both strive to do better,” Heather Brown said. “We have also focused on keeping our local trails, parks, and lakes stay clean. For not only us, but for our local wildlife.”

Heather Brown said that entering the pageant is not truly about bringing home the crown but enjoying the experience.

“There has been no greater blessing than watching Avery’s love and compassion towards her little sister, and all the help she gives,” Heather Brown said. “I just wanted to be able to give back to her by letting her have fun in the pageant. I knew going in that she might not win but seeing her smile and dedication was all worth it.”

Pageant March 27

Avery will crown the new Little Miss Five Hills at the annual Miss Five Hills Scholarship Pageant on March 27.

The deadline to enter is March 1 on the City of Copperas Cove website at https://www.copperascovetx.gov/parks/five_hills_pageant/ or on the pageant’s Facebook page.

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