One Copperas Cove high school student said it doesn’t take a genius to excel in school. You just have to work hard.

“I am not a genius. But you can accomplish anything if you work hard,” said Mikayla Miller, a CCHS junior. “You can find someone who knows more facts or has more knowledge than me. But if you tell me what to do, you won’t find anyone who will work harder,”

The history buff who has competed in the National History Day competition the last two years has a 4.75 GPA and is ranked in the top five in her class. She has more than 100 pins she collected from other competitors at National History Day and originally put them on a big map in her room and, since she has so many, now on pillow cases.

“Looking at those pins are great memories to remind me of the weekly event. The pins remind me of the friends I have met along the way,” Miller said.

History is not Miller’s favorite subject. She said she is just good at it and has grown to like history. But her future is headed elsewhere.

She would like to work in the field of medicine after college, either in the field of pharmacy or neonatology. Her grandfather, whom she admired, was an anesthesiologist. She took her first chemistry class and knew that medicine would be her life-long career.

“You’re not just solving for ‘X’ to find an answer to a problem,” Miller said. “In chemistry, the letters actually have meaning. Knowing that I can find cures for medical issues is exciting.”

Miller wants to attend Texas State University although her first choice is Texas Christian University, but she would definitely need a scholarship. A scholarship is a real possibility, said Miller’s golf coach, adding that her hard work extends beyond the classroom.

“She is unbelievably dedicated. She is never satisfied (with her performance),” Jeff Shannon said. “During practices, she always wants to try things over and over to get them right. She is a perfectionist.”

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