Hailey Parker serves as a role model for both teachers and students at S. C. Lee Junior High. The eighth grade teacher has collaboratively planned lessons with her team of teachers and modeled lessons for multiple teachers on


S. C. Lee Junior High Principal Jimmy Shuck selected Parker as the 2019 S. C. Lee Teacher of the Year.

“She goes into classes and team teaches with her counterparts during her weeks outside of professional learning instruction with our students,” Shuck said. “Our instructional coach has used Mrs. Parker to help model co-teaching for our general education and special education teachers.”

Assistant Principal Patrick Crawley said Parker is dedicated to helping students and will do whatever is necessary to ensure they get the assistance they need.

“Her students think very highly of her and look forward to her being in their classes. She has proven to be an invaluable asset,” Crawley said. “She is well respected by teachers, students, and parents.”

One of the things that makes Parker’s classroom unique is that it is mobile.

“As a plus teacher, her role is constantly changing to meet students’ needs. This ambiguity never stops her from providing a well-planned, engaging lesson. Her materials, as well as her heart, travel with her from room to room,” Shuck said. “No matter the location, her lessons are filled with questions that are designed to promote student learning and reflection. On any given day, you will hear collaborative dialogue among students, as she encourages them to connect to and explore the content she is presenting.”

Parker helps organize events on campus to help benefit everyone. She set up student/staff photo booths during lunches, helped with ideas for positive behavior rewards, and will often do the jobs no one else wants to do, said Shuck.

“She selflessly gives her all to help everyone on campus,” Shuck said. “Mrs. Parker had to have surgery and missed a couple of weeks of school. Our campus came together to provide meals and assistance for her after her surgery. The support was overwhelming because of the efforts she puts forth on campus.”

Shuck said Parker is upbeat and has lots of energy.

“Students are always excited to have her in their class even though she has high expectations for her students,” Shuck said. “When she’s not leading instruction, she is finding ways to pull students and provide them with extra assistance. Several students have stated she makes their brain hurt. She has great rapport with her students and knows them by name.”

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