Seventh-grade history students at S.C. Lee Junior High School experienced an interactive way of reviewing their Texas history lessons through a high-tech scavenger hunt.

Teachers Stephanie Amaya and Sarah Vann incorporated the use of Quick Response Codes that students searched for throughout the school as they traveled in pairs.

Once found, the QR codes were scanned with tablets and Texas history riddles would appear that led students to their next QR codes.

Reginny Livaie and Hayden Cunningham enjoyed the out-of-the-classroom assignment.

“(It was) fun to move around and get more physical,” Cunningham said.

Vann and Amaya worked together to create the lesson to further engage students and spark a love of history.

“Ms. Amaya and I have collaborated on most of our lessons this year and what a difference,” Vann said. “Two heads are definitely better than one and we have been able to be a little more creative with our lessons.”

The teaching duo found the idea of the lesson on a website and then adjusted it to meet the specific learning needs of their students.

“This lesson was a great way to get the kids out of the stuffy old classroom and get out some much needed energy,” Vann said. “This was also a great way to review student knowledge and see what kind of gaps there are in the information based on the kinds of questions they were asking. Students were required to collaborate with a partner, answer questions from content given in previous lessons, and also answer fun riddles to access the next clue.”

Vann and Amaya also worked on a map analysis activity together, another lesson that required the students move throughout the school in order review several maps and use them to answer various questions.

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