Candy Outiffers

Candy Outfitters owner Jennifer White confirmed Tuesday that she and her husband will be closing down their Copperas Cove candy shop at the end of June.

Copperas Cove will be losing one of its sweet spots at the end of June.

Candy Outfitters owner Jennifer White said this week that she and her husband will be closing their candy store June 29 so they can pursue a new opportunity in the travel business.

“This is bittersweet, for sure,” White said. “I’ve been selling candy almost 20 years. I chose to open this location here in this community because we needed this store.”

White and her husband Michael secured the trademarks for Candy Outfitters in 2012 and then opened their brick and mortar location in 2014. They were inspired by the candy stores of their youth, and hoped to preserve and pass on that legacy to kids and adults in Copperas Cove.

In addition to the traditional offerings of bulk and boxed candy, T-shirts and novelties, the store worked with trusted partners to showcase handmade creations such as fudge and truffles in a glass case in the front counter.

The decision to close the candy business was a difficult one, but ultimately boiled down to two factors: not enough time and not being to get far enough away from what will be their former business.

“I wish I could do both but I just can’t,” White said, saying she didn’t want the candy business nor the travel business to seem like a hobby.

Selling the candy business to someone else was also considered but ultimately rejected by White and her husband.

“We live right around the corner,” White said of the decision not to sell the business. “(If we) didn’t drive by here every day, that wouldn’t be an issue. So that wasn’t an option.”

When the opportunity to get into the travel business presented itself, the Whites decided to jump in the both feet.

“We’re empty nesters,” White said when asked about the decision to move into the travel industry. “We had the chance to buy a travel franchise that’s been around for over 25 years (so) we thought why not, just dive in and that will be our retirement business.

“{We’ll) be able to travel the world and benefit from the all the perks, and share that with our family and friends.”

White wanted to emphasize that it’s the store that’s going away, not her or her husband. They plan to continue working on Light Up Cove, an initiative to light up the holidays by decorating businesses along U.S. Business 190.

“We’re not letting that go until that becomes a tradition... here in Copperas Cove,” White said.

The Whites are already selling off the fixtures from the store and promise some sweet deals for customers before the store closes for good next month.

They are also throwing a retirement/bon voyage party at Candy Outfitters from 4 to 8 p.m. on June 15 and are inviting the entire community to stop in and say goodbye to the store.

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