Local residents came out to the Fubar Sports Bar in Copperas Cove to go back in time to 1982.

They did so because Fubar owner Cody Speer remembers the good times that he had with his friends at Skate World, a place where teens went to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night.

“I wanted to pay tribute to a place where there was fun and you had something to do like skate, play video arcade games and hang out with friends, while enjoying the music of the 1980s,” Speer said. “I also wanted to honor John McNeely, or ‘Big John’ as we used to call him, for owning a great place.”

Skate World was first opened and operated by McNeely in 1982 and the business was open year-round. It had a one-floor skating rink, snack bar, video arcade games and plenty of ‘80s music for skaters to skate and groove to.

Skate World closed in 2011. The business was located at 810 W. Highway 190 in Copperas Cove.

Speer said he was pleased with those who showed up to pay homage to the former business.

“The turnout tonight was good and we had a really good following on social media for the event, and some did bring their skates and skate around the bar. We moved the chairs and tables around so that people could skate and dance.”

Mary Carroll came out to the Skate World reunion party at Fubar, and skated around for a bit during the event.

“What person doesn’t want to dress up and celebrate the ‘80s? I feel like I should have been an ‘80s child, and so I missed out; I was born in the wrong generation,” Carroll said. “This was my opportunity to dress up as a rad ‘80s girl who wanted to have fun and meet people.”

Colin Pearson beat out Mary Carroll to win $100 for having the best ‘80s outfit for the night.

“This was my first time being at Fubar, and I thought it was a really fun thing to do, and so I won contest and had a great time,” Pearson said.

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