Families and their children took a stroll through Décor and More last Saturday during the store’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Kids searched for the eggs and got their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny for a small fee.

Claudia Sedore is the owner of Décor and More.

“I own the store and we have been here since 2016. We have individual vendors,” Sedore said. “We really enjoy doing this event every year and we all pitch in to make this event happen like getting the candy, eggs, make baskets for no cost. We also do something special for Halloween, and Christmas. I just want to see the kids happy and it gives them something to do.”

Bryce and Emily Voit brought their son Granger to the Easter egg hunt. She thought that it would be fun for him, and her hunch was confirmed. The Voits are a military family who recently moved to the area.

They found the event through a neighborhood Facebook page.

Chris and Maria Lopez brought their granddaughter Scarlett White to the Décor and More fun event. Scarlett said that she had a great time and found several eggs amongst the many items that were for sale.

Nara Meas has owned Nara Meas Photography and has a studio located inside Décor and More for a little over a year. She also was the photographer for the Décor and More Easter event.

“One of my visions in the near future is to help local photographers who do not have a studio or a building to take pictures in, they will be able to rent the studio, do Head Shots, family portraits, etc.,” Meas said.

Joan Kelly was the Easter Bunny for the day, and enjoyed taking the pictures with the kids.

During the event, the store also offered discounts on kids items in the store, 20% all drinks at the coffee shop “Inges Kaffee-Stube,” and Easter baskets were raffled off.

Décor and More, located at 817 E Business 190 in Copperas Cove, has a mall-type atmosphere with 22,500 square feet of more than 60 small businesses that sell furniture, collectibles, antiques and a whole lot more. Décor and More has been in existence since 2016. They also have German cakes and a coffee shop to enjoy.

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