COPPERAS COVE — Their work might remind you of the real estate wonders Chip and Joanna Gaines used to perform on their HGTV show Fixer Upper.

But Jacqueline and Tanner Dane, the owners of Dane Property Investments, aim for more than turning run-down houses into stunning homes. They want to create solutions for home owners and tenants in need.

“We like to focus on helping home owners out of difficult situations, whether they lost their job or became ill and were no longer able to pay their mortgage and then fell behind on their payments and they are about to lose their house,” said Jacqueline Dane. “That is when we will come in, take a look at your situation and find a solution that fits.”

During their last project, the Danes helped a disabled veteran not only to avoid foreclosure on his house but also to settle into a new home and overcome financial disaster.

“All his credit cards were maxed out, he was six months behind his mortgage, they repossessed his car,” Mrs. Dane said. “He answered our letter and we were able to talk to him and see what was best for him.”

The Danes helped their client find a new apartment, physically moved him into his new home and set him up for future success.

“It just turned out really, really great,” she said. “Now he is back on his feet and if he wants to purchase another home, he can do that. That is mainly what we try to do.”

Although the Danes could simply purchase homes that need improvements, fix them up and put them back on the market, they want their business to have a meaning.

“What would be the purpose of doing all of this if we can’t do something good, if we can’t give back to the community?” she said. “Anybody can just purchase a house that looks bad and fix it up and then sell it. It is another thing to meet with a seller who is having a significant issue and they don’t know how to fix it … we have dealt with these situations before and we know a lot of people who have done it.”

Tanner Dane, who is expected to retire from the military in 18 months, and his wife, a former combat-veteran, have started their business in North Carolina in 2016. They have been working in the Killeen-area since 2017.

“We were looking into what I want to do when I retire … and we liked real estate for a long time so we … started an investment business of our own,” Mr. Dane said.

Neither himself, who has been working in aviation his whole career, nor his wife had any experience in the field.

“Just like a student would pay for college, we paid for an education program, we studied for years, we are still studying and learning all the time,” he said.

One of ways the couple keeps gaining knowledge in their field is their collaboration with local experts.

“We do physical work as well but there are some things, to be safe and do it right, you got to hire a professional,” Mr. Dane said. “Electrical, plumbing, roofing – they just need to be done right. There is a reason why people are certified in these different traits of work.”

Currently, the Danes are working on a formerly rat-infested single-family home in Copperas Cove that other investors didn’t even want to look at closely.

“They took two steps in the front door and left,” he said. “They knew how big of a project it was going to be but my wife and I, we walked in and we knew that was exactly what we want.”

Although the house is in the early stages of remodeling, the project is expected to be finished by May.

“The tenant has lived there for decades and completely destroyed the place so we are in the process of fully renovating it,” he said. “Everything is going to be brand new.”

So far, COVID-19 restrictions have not affected the Danes’ real estate business.

“Our work does not involve larger gatherings at the job site,” Mr. Dane said. “Usually only one to two contractors are at the property at any given time.”

While the Danes respect every contractor’s individual decision of social distancing, they can currently continue to provide them with work.

“Our contractors need to work and feed their families as much as we do so unless it’s mandatory, they work,” he said. “We do not anticipate any delays on the completion of our project. Construction materials are still available and being delivered on time.”

With the construction process being on time, the Danes can soon begin the search for possible new home owners. According to the couple, the perfect candidate is someone who loves the home as much as they do.

“If you fall in love with this house, then you are exactly who we want to buy it,” Mr. Dane said. “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.”

In the past, the Danes have already renovated multiple homes in Copperas Cove and Lampasas and are constantly looking for new opportunities in the greater Killeen area.

Interested home owners or possible tenants can contact Dane Property Investments at 254-706-7419 or get in touch with them on their website

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