Hettie Halstead Elementary first graders Skyler Funderburg and Benjamin Parker practice cup stacking as a team. Cup stacking, also known as sport stacking, engages students at all different skill levels.

Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev captured the national crown with her cup stacking routine resulting in a new hashtag on Twitter and an interest in the sport that spread across the country, including as a physical education tool with many different associated exercises.

Hettie Halstead Elementary students learned the new sport and are finding it is an activity they can do at home while schools are closed. Coach Lance Garner introduced the competitive sport where participants compete to see who has the fastest stacking times. Participates stack 9 or 12 specially designed cups in a variety of sets such as the 3-3-3 or 3-6-3. The competitor who stacks the fastest is deemed the winner.

Halstead students were all given the opportunity to demonstrate their skill level for cup stacking, said Garner.

“Our students are familiar with traditional sports. I wanted to show them something that you do not see every day, especially to our students who do not show interest in competitive sports,” Garner said. “I saw it on ESPN, and thought it looked cool and that it would be something that the students would enjoy.”

Students in every grade learned different stacking steps. First graders Benjamin Parker and Skyler Funderberg showed that the sport is appropriate for all ages.

“My favorite thing about cup stacking was we learned to stack each cup on top of each other really fast,” Funderberg said.

Garner said cup stacking will be part of his annual physical education curriculum as several students have shown an interest in the sport. When asked if he would consider starting a competitive team at Halstead he stated “it is a possibility, there are so many competitions out there and so many kids compete. It would be something to consider in the future”.

“My favorite part was when we learned the 3-6-3 cup stack,” Parker said. The 3-6-3 is a popular stack used in competitions. The participant stacks three cups in one pile, six cups in the next and three final cups in the last stack. The world record for the 3-6-3 stack is 2.73 seconds.

Those interested in learning how to perform cup stacking, also known as sport stacking, can visit

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