Amanda Rolfe 11-22

Amanda Rolfe

The days of the standard science fair are long gone. Today’s students in Copperas Cove ISD compete in the annual Science Olympiad building rocket launchers, pumpkin throws, slime pits and more to evaluate a student’s knowledge, improve the ability to work as a team, and have the opportunity to compete for bragging rights in the school district.

House Creek Elementary fifth grade reading teacher Amanda Rolfe dedicates her after-school time to serving as the school’s Science Olympiad sponsor and workis to prepare students for the day of competition.

House Creek Principal Todd Williams said Rolfe is dedicated to be the very best that Copperas Cove ISD has to offer as a teacher.

“The Science Olympiad offers our students with enrichment opportunities competing with other students in the field of science. These students are given the chance to create projects that will further their interests in the field of science and technology,” Williams said. “These opportunities may encourage students to purse college or certifications in the areas of computer science, engineering and chemistry.”

Rolfe has worked as a teacher at House Creek Elementary for eight years. Williams describes her as a leader among the teachers.

“Amanda Rolfe provides professional development trainings for our staff which give teachers the resources to improve instruction for our students. Mrs. Rolfe is truly a super star teacher at House Creek Elementary School,” Williams said.

Rolfe was selected as House Creek Elementary’s VFW Teacher of the Year for her ability to instill citizenship and patriotism in students.

“She is very deserving of recognition for the skills she provides as an educator,” Williams said.

This year’s CCISD Science Olympiad is scheduled for April and will include more than a dozen areas of competition. To volunteer with the event, contact CCISD Curriculum Department at (254) 547-1227.

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