The bell may have rung for the final time of the school year on May 27, but hundreds of students are continuing their learning into the summer by participating in several learning camps.

About 100 students and 10 teachers signed up for the math camp at House Creek Elementary School.

One of the students, soon-to-be seventh grader Jaheem Rogers, said he didn’t know math camp was in his future.

“My mom wanted me to come here, so she signed me up,” Rogers said. “So I came here, and it’s like ‘Oh, I actually like having fun here.’”

For the duration of math camp, the middle school-aged students are working on refurbishing chairs — sanding, painting, etc.

Rogers said the process of refurbishing a chair is similar to the process of solving a math problem.

“You got to get all the corners and stuff, so when you sand it down, you got to make sure you get every spot,” Rogers said. “It’s like in math; you have to do all your steps correctly or you’re going to mess it up.”

Along with refurbishing the chairs, Rogers did a wood-burning project on Tuesday morning.

He engraved a piece of wood with a paw print to represent the S. C. Lee Junior High Cougars, a cross to symbolize Jesus and a heart beat.

The district’s curriculum coordinator for math and science from kindergarten through eighth grade, Kerry Cryer, said the camp was designed to implement the real world.

“We wanted to bring real-life math into the classroom for them to have some fun activities for them to do,” Cryer said.

Another focus for the camp is also to reintegrate the students into a social setting, since students come from all different campuses, and some had been learning virtually during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’ve been doing extremely well,” Cryer said.

Activities include a craft, a math-related game and a math lesson.

One of the activities was for the younger elementary children to learn how to make a modeling compound similar to Hasbro’s Play-Doh. The children had to learn measurements to make the compound.

One of those making the compound was Charlie Cochran, who will be going into first grade. She said making the modeling compound was her favorite thing so far about camp.

The modeling compound was made up of water, corn starch and food coloring.

“It feels icky,” Cochran said, adding that she wanted to trick her mom into thinking it is slime.

Also during the camp, the children are learning financial literacy. They are “earning” camp bucks per class they attend, and that “money” can be used at the end of the week to purchase snacks or small gifts.

Another one of the projects the students are making is a wallet for the camp bucks.

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