Silvia Spires

Silvia Spires was recently appointed as the president/CEO of the Copperas Cove Chamber and Visitors Bureau. She told the Herald that she will push social media marketing and envisions a thriving tourism industry in the city.

Recently appointed Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Silvia Spires has hit the ground running in her new position, reaching out to area business owners and working on her plan to increase tourism here with the help of concentrated social media marketing.

With just two weeks under her belt at the Chamber, Spires has been busy getting to know area business leaders and letting them get to know her. This kind of two-way personal working relationship is important, she said.

“My immediate plans are just to focus on member relationship right now,” Spires said. “I feel like we can’t make any successful events or get any types of ideas off the ground without our member support.

“I feel like you can’t have a successful Rabbit Fest or a successful Krist Kindl without having a good relationship with your vendors and your members. So we’ve started getting out and meeting with these businesses, so people could see my face and have someone to call and say, ‘I’m not satisfied with this or that,’ and I can do my best to help them.

“I want to focus on nurturing our member relationships and quickly jump into an expansion of social media marketing for them, for the chamber and the city. I think we can easily gain traction in tourism here in Copperas Cove. My hope is to create a thriving tourism industry that our local businesses can appreciate, and our children and families can enjoy.

“My door will remain open to members and citizens alike who share my desire for the growth and development of Copperas Cove.”

Spires, a married 31-year-old mother of three, was born in Baja California, Mexico, and came to the U.S. when her family immigrated to the states not long after she was born. She grew up in San Diego and moved with the family to North Carolina at age 16.

The Tar Heel State was not exactly a great fit and she wound up coming to Harker Heights for her senior year of high school.

“My parents decided to retire — they had me when they were older — and they decided to retire to North Carolina,” Spires said, earlier this week. “So they moved us cross-country. We took a five-day train trip and I lived there for the rest of my teenage years before my sister flew me out to Texas, and I fell in love with Texas.

“It’s a long story … I didn’t really enjoy North Carolina too much, so my sister said, ‘Come live with me.’ I finished my senior year in Harker Heights in 2009.”

After graduation, Spires went to work for First National Bank Texas as a part-time teller. She worked her way up the ladder and was eventually promoted to branch manager for the bank’s facility in Gatesville. Her extensive experience in banking, finance, and small business development led her to her current position with the Cove Chamber.

“I specialized in working closely with the small businesses when I was with the bank,” said Spires, who is working on completion of a bachelor’s degree in business management. “I was named their business development officer, and for years my job was to work within our community and our businesses.

“I have a passion for our community and love not only being a part of it and volunteering in it but doing my part in improving it.”

When she is not at work, Spires enjoys pretty much anything creative, from photography to arts and crafts, woodworking and painting. She and her family, who plan to move to Copperas Cove from Gatesville as soon as they find a house here, also enjoy traveling.

“We usually try to go out to a different town or part of the state at least for a weekend every month.

“My kids are trained travelers. They know exactly what to pack. They know our hotel checklist; when we’re leaving a hotel. We love to travel as a family.

“I want people to know I really care about what I do. I don’t have my degree yet, but I have worked in our communities long enough to really know what our members need, and I think they feel that when I’ve gotten out to meet them. They’re really excited for a fresh start with the Chamber.

“Almost across the board, everyone is really engaged. I hope the rest of the town and the rest of the community fall in behind us and help us makes this vision work.”

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