Michael Veal

Michael Veal

Michael Veal may be new to high school teaching profession, but he is not new to life experiences. The 26-year Army veteran brings a wealth of knowledge, determination and discipline to students at Crossroads High School, Copperas Cove ISD’s alternative school of choice.

Crossroads Principal Pat Crawley said Veal inspires all his students to learn and work towards ownership of their education through positive mentorship and dedicated instruction.

“Mr. Veal is a Title Recovery Teacher who is responsible for providing students with the necessary curriculum to enhance student learning of foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, as well as Foundations of Physical Instructions,” Crawley said. “Mr. Veal also provides additional resources for parents and students to continue the learning process outside of the classroom and offers face to face and online tutorials daily.”

Working with students who are behind in their credits and not on track to graduate on time, Veal quickly recognized the need for students to learn time management skills, discipline, and perseverance. Working with campus administrators, Veal began Crossroads’ first JROTC program.

“Through his interactions both inside and outside of the classroom, Mr. Veal has earned the respect of students, parents, and staff alike,” Crawley said. “A veteran of United States Armed Forces, Mr. Veal sets high expectations for his students and treats all who come in contact with him fairly and consistently. Mr. Veal continues to work effortlessly to foster student growth, accountability, positive outlook, leadership, and teamwork with a direct disregard for his own time and well-being.”

Veal believes every student should be given every opportunity to learn and be successful in the classroom and in life.

“Crossroads High School is designed to interact and create objective learning strategies for students to counter that dark, defiance against authority figures, aggressive behaviors, learning deficiencies, and life circumstances,” Crawley said. “The goal of this campus and Mr. Veal is for students to develop character skills including critical thinking, leadership, communication, and teamwork. Mr. Veal works closely with students, parents and staff to ensure that every student’s needs are met and he ensures that every student has a voice in the direction of his education and his life.”

Veal was selected as the 2021 Crossroads High School Rookie Teacher of the Year. He will compete for the CCISD Rookie Teacher of the Year in April. 

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