Metroplex Adventist Hospital

Metroplex Adventist Hospital interim CEO Dennis Kiley discusses future plans for Advent Healthcare on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018.

Metroplex Adventist Hospital of Killeen will soon become AdventHealth Central Texas.

The name change is part of a nationwide re-branding of Adventist Health Systems, expected to take place Jan. 2.

“We want to create an atmosphere of a whole system that is integrated,” said Dennis Kiley, interim president and CEO of Metroplex. “This is the first time we have all been connected like this and it won’t be the last.”

The Altamonte Springs company, which boasts over 80,000 employees and nearly 50 hospital campuses across nine states, owns Metroplex and Rollins Brook Community Hospital in Lampasas, which will become AdventHealth Central Texas and AdventHealth Rollins Brook, respectively.

Kiley said the new names were chosen carefully to eliminate any reference to one specific location and are meant to foster a greater sense of community.

“This is an exercise designed to bring us together and make us stronger,” he said.

Adventist Health System is seeking to create “one consumer-centric, connected and identifiable national system of care for every stage of life and health,” according to a press release.

While there will not be any changes to ownership or business structure, the re-branding of the hospitals will include adoption of the AdventHealth name and logo to allow consumers to more easily distinguish the company’s care locations and services.

It will also allow for easy sharing of information between locations within the system through streamlining technology, allowing for consistent patient care.

“We are transforming to be a more consumer-focused health care system to better meet the needs of those we care for and the communities we serve,” said Terry Shaw, president/CEO for Adventist Health System.

“Becoming AdventHealth allows us to be a fully integrated and distinguishable health system across all aspects of the care continuum, while also speaking to our Christian healing ministry, message of wholeness and our rich Seventh-day Adventist roots.”

According to Adventist Health officials, the company spent eight months preparing for the launch of the system-wide brand by focusing on deploying consistent culture and service practices to solidify the consumer-centric approach.

In September, the company will deploy a transition campaign via television and print ads to inform various consumer markets across the country of the change.

“The knowledge that we are connected to something greater, I hope it gives people confidence in us,” said Erin Spencer, a Metroplex public relations specialist. “We are so proud to be the community hospital for the whole Central Texas area.”

The AdventHealth name is expected to be fully adopted in terms of signage and visual elements at hospitals and other facilities by January of next year.

Spencer said no layoffs are expected with the rebranding. | 254-501-7557

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