Julie Moser is no stranger to the uncertainties of cancer. A survivor of breast cancer, she experienced the times of wondering whether something that was occurring to her body was “normal,” most often during the difficult times following chemotherapy.

So in July, she finally got the paperwork completed to start Pink Warrior Angels, a nonprofit designed to help cancer survivors deal with the stresses caused by treatment. And to start things off, she held a car wash fundraiser Saturday at Buddy’s Furniture in Copperas Cove to put together care and information chemo “comfort” bags to give to cancer patients at local hospitals and treatment centers.

“We’re more of a support group, if you will. We are a point of contact for someone recently diagnosed, or the friend or family member of someone recently diagnosed and they don’t know what to do to help them,” Moser said. “The bags will contain things like blankets, candy, all kinds of different information, DVDs, books, those kinds of things. When you go to chemo, you’re there for hours.”

While brand new and still waiting on the nonprofit paperwork to go through federal channels, Pink Warrior Angels has already partnered with We Deliver in Cove, which will provide coupons for cancer patients through Pink Warrior Angels to drive them where they need to go or even just pick up their favorite fast food for them, Moser said.

“We’re also looking to partner with other local businesses to help out, such as someone to clean a patient’s home while they are getting cancer treatment or mow their lawn, walk their dogs. ... Because people forget about those small things,” she said. “What I found (as a cancer survivor) is that during treatment, people didn’t really know how to help me. We’re about pairing up a new ‘warrior,’ someone just diagnosed, with someone who has been through the process before, or an ‘angel.’ That way they have a support person for whatever they may need when going through the process of treatment.”

Pink Warrior Angels had no problem finding volunteers to help out with their first fundraiser. Rabbit Fest royalty put up their tiaras and grabbed signs and wash cloths to help out and members of the Copperas Cove High School Pride of Cove band set aside their instruments to help out a great cause.

“I think this is phenomenal, because my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so it’s nice to see people get out and raise money for this,” said Tyler Brown, a 17-year-old trombone player who is starting his senior year at CCHS. “It’s something that is close to me and it means a lot to me.”

Fellow bandsman Carlton Jones, 17, a baritone saxophone player and Pride of Cove captain, said he came out because he really wanted to get more involved in the community,

“This is one of the first fundraisers we’re doing, so of course I had to come out and support it,” Jones said. “I think it’s great to be helping breast cancer patients. We’re going to be supporting them all through marching season and try to raise as much money as we can for them, so I think it’s fantastic.”

As for the royalty, any chance to help out a worthy cause is a great excuse to set aside their glamour and roll up their sleeves, said Teen Miss Rabbit Fest Destinee Branch.

“This is the type of cause a lot of people know about, but doesn’t get the personal attention it really needs,” Branch said. “There needs to be more awareness about breast cancer, so to have an organization that provides that personal touch along with the education is a wonderful thing.”

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